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NOBULLSHITSEEDS is the best cannabis seed bank focused on autoflowering marijuana. Thus, our seeds create robust plants, which mature rapidly. And the great thing is, they are simple to cultivate.

Sounds very good, but what is actually “autoflowering”?

Some believe that “autoflowering” means growing automatically. That’s how this thing works: a hemp plant has two main growth periods: the vegetative condition and the flowering stage. During the first stage, the cannabis plant becomes big and strong, powerful enough to maintain those dense buds of cannabis you look forward to seeing.

Meanwhile, the second phase is when the plant stops to increase and focuses all its energy on creating the cannabis buds. Cultivators utilize light to control when their plants end the first stage and begin to flower. While vegging, the crop gets 18 hours of light, and then 6 hours of dark, in order to imitate the real sun. The cultivator can make the plant believe it is autumn by shifting to a 12-hour day/night cycle. Such a modification launches the plant’s reproductive system, and it starts to flower and generate buds.

Understanding when to shift your crop from vegging to blooming is not that simple. If you pull the level too early, the unripe plant will give only a poor harvest. What’s worse, a junior plant can be destroyed by the weight of its own buds. Growing the plant too long will not crush it; however, it really postpones the harvest time. Lots of impatient cultivators have deplored the fact of flowering too soon; meanwhile, more careful ones usually wait longer than required before cropping.

“Autoflowering” makes this quandary outdated. Now, our marijuana plants flower on autopilot, at the exact moment they’re ready. The cultivator will not have to think about shifting light timers or moving the pots. With autoflowering, you shouldn’t be afraid of destroying your plant by switching too soon. Moreover, you won’t need to wait for ages before cropping.

Reasons to grow autoflowering marijuana

Autoflowering doesn’t just facilitate the process of cultivating and caring. Such plants mature quickly and are ideal for growing both indoors and outdoors.

If a cannabis plant flowers automatically, you don’t need to worry about providing it with equal shares of light and darkness. Such a flower has an in-built timer, which triggers bud generation. All you need is to give your plant as much direct sunshine as you can (if in the open), or about 18 hours of interior lighting a day for the whole growing stage.

Self-managed maturation is just one benefit to utilizing autoflowering plants- they rise quicker, as well. Specific autoflowering strains can provide harvest in just about two months. Just imagine gathering your cannabis harvest every 8-9 weeks! Meanwhile, some other sorts, such as White Widow, provide robust buds on a tiny area, which makes them ideal for cultivators who appreciate discretion or have confined space. Moreover, you can preserve vegging and blooming plants in the same pot without negatively affecting any of them (which is excellent for cultivators living in a small flat).

If you grow outdoors, autoflowering seeds permit you to harvest at least twice annually. If kept in the open, daylight plants flower once annually when the restricted daylight hours of autumn activate it. Cultivators plant early to give their harvest time to develop and grow strong. Autoflower marijuana, however, blooms in accordance with its internal clocks, which permits them to be collected once in the middle of the summer and once in autumn. In warmer environments, the number of annual harvests can reach three. For instance, if an outdoor cultivator plants autoflowering strains in May, he/she can crop in mid-July. Later, he/she can plant once more and collect a new harvest in September. If they begin it soon enough or live in a Mediterranean climate, they can even get another crop at the end of the year. As you can see, every cycle takes approximately nine weeks, which is a typical growth period for NOBULLSHITSEEDS‘ seeds.

Is “autoflowering” an innovation?

Autoflowering marijuana has existed for many years. However, it’s only in the last decade that high-class cultivators have succeeded to master this superpower for using in the growth of marijuana.

As any marijuana cultivated today, such plants are the result of years of studies and research. Their precise origin is unknown; however, the first autoflowering marijuana plants emerged on the market in the mid-1990s. A mix of industrial cannabis and Mexican Sativa, these were probably hidden from a university laboratory in the US.

The industrial genetics of the first autoflowerers restricted their cannabinoid content. Most cultivators didn’t notice them until someone called Joint Doctor bred one of the first autoflowering plants with first-class genetics. This resulted in the Lowryder, the very first autoflowering plant available on sale. It was far from ideal – its THC content was average, and harvests were low. However, it was excellent for those who wanted to grow secretly for private use.

In the course of time, cultivators have used simple Lowryder and industrial cannabis to produce autoflowering types of the world’s best seeds. It was difficult. The plants represent the living organisms improved by evolution and adapted to live out in nature. Reining in the wild genes to make good marijuana took a lot of time and efforts. Our company NOBULLSHITSEEDS can boast of our selectively bred plants, which possess high-class taste, small, harvest, and action. You can use any type of payment to purchase the seeds as well as buy cannabis seeds with bitcoin.

How to proceed with autoflowering?

First of all, choose the seeds from our continually expanding catalog. If you can’t decide, feel free to call us for advice. Once you have made a choice to buy cannabis seeds and placed an order, make sure to treat your strains with caution, and they will reciprocate.

Autoflowering marijuana simplifies the cultivation process, and with contemporary genetics, you don’t have to sacrifice harvest, efficiency, or important cannabinoid content. Moreover, there are high-CBD types of autoflowering marijuana. Whether you’re a new or an experienced grower, autoflowering is an excellent option.