00seeds Review

00seeds Review

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Crossbreed of the most awarded indica, classic and automatic genetics to offer you its Feminized and Auto version with the highest quality and stability.

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  1. Those ingenious dwarfs just excelled them selves with these marijuana seeds. Cyclops is a cutting edge strain out of the 7 Dwarfs Seedbank and is produced by getting the finest genetics from Lowryder and AK-47. 7 Dwarfs Seeds are the latest release to the ‘auto-seed’ community, and are hence the newest collectable for all serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  2. Following Generation Seeds Timewarp is Canada’s most well-liked external strain as well as has over THIRTY years proven in the wet west coast forests. Durable Lemon genetic. Developed specifically outdoors at the 49th parallel. Following Propagation Timewarp was actually 1st place winner at the BC Harvest Cup, Outdoor category

  3. G13 Haze x Lavender Seeds from the Soma Seedbank is a sativa/indica hybrid.

  4. A wonderful plant for making hashish from two awesome hashish lines, both equally 100% indica: the mom, an indica coming from the Chitral Kush region in addition to an excellent male clone from Arabene, Morroco. It gives very compacted nuggets blanketed with resin.These plants ought to be ventilated well once the buds start putting weight and mass.This sweet scented plant is powerful, productive and simple to grow. Vegetative time: Minimum 1 month for optimum performance.