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1:1 punchinella seeds

1:1 punchinella seeds

Another popular CBD strain bred by Ringo, Sour Tsunami is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a unique lineage. After crossing an NYC Diesel with Sour Diesel and back-crossing it with a Sour Diesel clone, which was then crossed with a sativa-dominant strain called Ferrari, the resulting genetics were crossed back with Sour Diesel to create Sour Tsunami. It’s one of the first known cannabis strains created specifically for medicinal purposes.

The most abundant terpenes found in Cannatonic, according to one MCR Labs testing results, include myrcene, b-caryophyllene, and limonene, giving the flower an earthy and citrusy flavor.

Boasting a 20:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, this high-CBD strain can be consumed without any concern of being inundated by the intoxicating effects of THC. Harle-Tsu is said to give users the feeling of complete relaxation. It comprises a plethora of terpenes, including myrcene, pinene, humulene, terpinolene, and ocimene. The combination of terpenes and high CBD content generates several potentially therapeutic benefits for various conditions, such as epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, stress, and others.

This CBD-heavy strain usually contains between 16% to 24% CBD and 2% to 6% THC, according to the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (NCSM), a government agency that operates under the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports. The exceptionally high CBD content denotes that AC/DC could potentially be used to treat seizures, anxiety, and pain relief. The most abundant terpenes found in AC/DC include b-pinene, b-caryophyllene, and a-pinene, giving the flower with a sweet and herbaceous flavor.


Harlequin is a high-CBD strain that is a descendant of Thai sativa, Nepali indica, Swiss sativa, and Colombian Gold. This sativa-dominant strain tends to maintain a consistent 5:2 CBD-to-THC ratio. Lab tests conducted on Harlequin samples found that the strain contained between 8% to 16% CBD content and 4% to 7% THC content, according to the NCSM.

CBD flower is the best thing since sliced bread.— twilight. (@illuminousq) April 29, 2019

Ringo’s Gift is a high-CBD strain that is a cross between AC/DC and Harle-Tsu, two hybrid strains also recognized for their therapeutic value and an immense amount of CBD content. It’s named after its original breeder, a renowned marijuana activist and trailblazer in CBD genetics named Lawrence Ringo, who founded the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, or SoHum Seeds. There are a few varieties of ratios and phenotypes of this strain, some of which offer an equal 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, while some strains have been reported to reach a whopping 25:1 CBD-to-THC ratio.


For varieties that offer a more well-balanced ratio, consumers oftentimes report a warm and calming buzz without evoking feelings of tiredness or risk of couch-lock. This high-CBD strain has been purported to benefit a variety of mental conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and stress. Physical ailments can also be potentially treated with Ringo’s Gift, including epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and headaches. Its terpene profile, which includes myrcene, a-pinene, and caryophyllene, makes this an earthy strain with a piney and minty aroma, giving off a slightly spicy and tangy flavor.

And while CBD is often associated with oils, tinctures, vape pens, and other cannabis products, it’s also available in flower to roll in joints, pack in bowls, and load in vaporizers.

1:1 punchinella seeds

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1:1 punchinella seeds

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