112 Apply For Washington State Marijuana Consultant Job

112 Apply For Washington State Marijuana Consultant Job

“The deadline for marijuana experts seeking work has closed in Washington state. All bids to help the state set up its legal marijuana system had to be submitted by 2 p.m.”

…the ebb and flow of marijuana’s history in the United States is filled with all kinds of peculiar quirks.

From our federal government – that’s willing to sentence a state licensed medical marijuana grower to years in prison, after threatening him with nearly a life’s sentence. And bankers, which caused one of this nation’s greatest recessions, are seemingly allowed to slip out the back door without so much as a slap on the wrist. We now see The Washington State Liquor Control Board ‘thumbing their nose’ at the federal marijuana prohibition by asking for, and receiving over 100 applicants to head up their state approved recreational marijuana cultivation and distribution system.

Weird times call for a politically strong backbone… thanks Washington!

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is now in charge of licensing marijuana growers and sellers under Initiative 502. And the agency has been seeking experts in marijuana — something that is still illegal under federal law. The state needs consultants who know how to grow and process marijuana, how to test its quality, and how to estimate the amount of pot people will buy in Washington.

The agency received 112 proposals to do those jobs, as compared to a couple dozen for its last request for proposals. Mikhail Carpenter is a spokesman for the state board. He says next says they’ll start opening all the envelopes.

Carpenter: “And then as soon as all of them have been evaluated we hope to announce an apparent successful vendor.”

They expect to award the contract in March. Carpenter says the agency would prefer to hire just one person for the job.

Carpenter: “Anytime you can work with one person and only have to have communications with one person, that would be great. We recognize that that one consultant may not be out there.”

So the work may involve up to four different people, or one firm with a series of subcontractors. The public interest in new marijuana rules has been robust – hundreds of people have packed the agency’s ongoing hearings around the state.