420 Text Sends New Jersey Police Scrambling to Bust Local Pot Dealer

420 Text Sends New Jersey Police Scrambling to Bust Local Pot Dealer

A few simple rules of life; don’t drink and drive… ok, makes sense. Drunk dialing an ex-girlfriend…also a major no-no… right, got it. And last but not least – make sure you know who your texting when you’re trying to set up a clandestine weed transaction.

Most experience stoners understand that initial excitement of scoring a fresh quarter pound of chronic weed, and wanting to share. However, there’s something to be said for double checking the number you are about to text your newest deals too.

Avoiding a modern-day dilemma of getting all Irie on your new KGB and accidentally fire off a text proposing a back alley drug deal to the local Five-O.

Unfortunately for a would be New Jersey entrepreneur – that’s exactly what he did earlier last week: erroneously firing off a 420 text message to an off-duty Andover Police lieutenant – clueing him in that he had a fat sack of chronic stash… ripe for buying.

To hear the Andover Police Department tell it, 33-year-old Nicholas Delear Jr. (with a name like Delear you’d think he has this game wired) punched a few wrong digits, firing up heaps of unwanted attention from the local police after sending a text message to a wrong number. Call it fate or destiny, but the hastily delivered texted went text straight to Lieutenant Eric Danielson of the Andover police department. In the stoney text message, Delear sent officer Danielson an in depth head’s up on a quarter-pound of Killer Green Bud (KGB) that he was ready to off – a chronic mistake that eventually set the wheels of justice in motion.

Not long after the text was received, police from the Andover and Sparta law enforcement in addition to the Sussex County Prosecutors Office set up a bogus pot deal with the oblivious dealer, scheduled to go down at nearby pizza dive. Ever the genius, after Delear showed up to complete the deal and noticed instead an army of undercover cops, he got understandably suspicious (although a little late) and attempted to bounce. To no avail.

Regrettably for Delear, the ill-conceived text messages on his phone, notifying officer Danielson of his dope dealing ways was hard to deny. Though he was seemingly caught green-handed, Delear resisted a voluntary search of his vehicle (as all should). Eventually the group of Officers woke a judge, got a search warrant and were ripping to his life within the hour.

Not satisfied with a simple visual inspection, the police deployed a K-9 unit which discovered a mobile pot dealing operation. Complete with more than an ounce of weed, 11 small plastic baggies, a high-tech scale and approximately $600 in cash.

Sweet Jesus… and you thought sexting was a risky proposition.