$62,000 Seized From Santa Cruz Man In Willits CA

$62,000 Seized From Santa Cruz Man In Willits CA

Deep in the Emerald triangle things tend to get weird fast… Just ask 41-year-old Jason Anderson of Santa

Cruz, Ca. Who was recently incarcerated in the North Bay Area town of Willits Ca. After being found in possession of over $62,000, in what was suspected to be the remnants of a marijuana transaction?

As the Mendocino County K-9 sheriff’s unit pulled over Mr. Anderson at approximately 9 PM onHighway 20, on the outskirts of this famous marijuana growers supply outpost, on traffic violations that have yet been revealed. The Sheriff’s K-9 police dog which has been trained in the art of marijuana detection, gave a clear and concise signal to his handling deputy… that there were fresh marijuana buds in this car.

As the deputy removed the occupant from his vehicle and continued his search. The officer came across several stacks of cash, which had varying bill denominations hidden within a backpack, in the trunk of the vehicle. In addition to the fat stacks of cash, the dopey driver was also found to be in possession of one large sack of chronic for his own personal consumption as well as some paraphernalia laying around the cab of the vehicle.

The not so lucky marijuana genetics mule now finds himself behind bars, arrested on suspicion of participating in the illegal sales of marijuana for recreational use and was booked into the Mendocino County jail. As is common with most cases that involve large sums of cash, where the owner cannot verify its origin… The police confiscated it with near immunity.

So… In addition to losing his $62,000 in cash, which he no doubt owed some cultivator.  Mr.Anderson has now also lost the weed that he intended to smoke. An additional $10,000 in bail. the moral to this fable is that it is generally poor form to drive through a town that you are unfamiliar with loaded with over $60,000 in cash, and marijuana lying around in the Your car. If you going to be transporting marijuana around in unfamiliar cities I was suggest you do a little research first.