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90 day weed grow

90 day weed grow

Wish you nothing but the best bro.

ok so heres the deal. I am currently growing WW from nirvana. I have until dec 17 2011 to harvest, and my babies have been above ground since sept 24 2011. Thats a 12 week hard deadline ready or not.

I think it’s an 8 weaker. They are very frosty now. Three more weeks and they’ll be intense.
Here’s the plant’s bio from Attitude.
It’s supposed to get cold here this weekend. I may try to lower the grow room temps and bring out the purple in it.
Here’s pix of midnight Kush on June 19, 2011


Interested to see how this goes.

Don’t forget your week for drying and then another 2 weeks for a decent cure. uuuhhh ooooohhhh.

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Don’t forget your week for drying and then another 2 weeks for a decent cure. uuuhhh ooooohhhh.

No one mentioned that so I just figured I’d put that out there lol

90 day weed grow

I’ve seen some growers DIY some pretty amazing grow spaces

Plant pots or containers – Starting at $4 for one

Auto-flowering plants start making buds when they’re 3-4 weeks old from germination. You don’t need to do anything special. This autoflowering plant is 4.5 weeks old.

Quick Step-By-Step Grow Guide

You got this! Even if you follow just 80% of the directions in this tutorial, if you can keep your plant alive you should easily be able to yield at least 1 ounce!

90 day weed grow

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