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95 silver haze seeds

95 silver haze seeds

Sativa Pheno, though it smells like Hash.

Top Dawg..Mango Cough. I cant say for sure, but the old NL5/Hz strain I had may have had The Cough in it x Hashplant/SSSC Sk1. I know it was NL5/Hz on the female side. Every hit sure would make you cough, and was unsafe to try and drive and smoke. Youd get a headrush, and it would make you lose your vision for a second or 2, and then youd cough your brains out every hit..

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Those are two different things.. Im pretty sure we have all agreed that a plant that doesn’t smell very much, or has other undesirable traits, very rarely produces a quality end product. My entire point was this claim;

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So far the Granny is beating these on resin production at the same stage of flowering, and you can see these have a great deal of resin
NL5/Sativa. Both produce rock hard buds when dried. Sativa pheno is a lot less leafy. Huge return on bubble hash on both.

Oldman’s Silver Haze 98 grows fast and has a good branching development. Its size is tall but
controllable for a true Haze variety. Its production is very high and offers very large calyx to
leaf ratio. It is easy to grow and manicure. Performs unique golden colored buds and its
trichomes offer the highest quality hashish, making it an uniquely ideal Sativa dominant variety
suited for extractions.

The taste of Oldman’s Silver Haze 98 is unique and very special. This variety has sweet fruity
nuances of peach and mango with a very noticeable earthy background. The aroma is intense
and reminiscent of some of the best old school Skunk and Haze varieties. The effect is
powerful and pleasant. It rises high and combines with a physical well-being, ideal to consume
during the day as it provides an active and creative effect. A true old schooled delicacy that
has been preserved for many years and is now available for the best “Cannabis Connoisseurs”
and Haze lovers.


The Super Silver Haze variety is a classic that will never go out of style as it combines three of
the best varieties of all time: Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. This is a very special selection
made by Oldman Green in 1998, named Oldman’s Silver Haze 98. This mythical clone offers
very peculiar characteristics, it is fast flowering, of a very high production and holds a very
special flavor and aroma. A living legend of old school cannabis genetics.


Old School Genetics are sold as an adult souvenir cannabis genetic material. Seeds are not
to be cultivated in any jurisdiction where the cultivation of cannabis is forbidden by law.

Genetics: Silver Pearl x Haze

Flowering Time/Height: 77to93 days max, 3x flower stretch Max

This right here is the Spice of Life. Hunted from my Fathers gifted seed. Original Sensi Seeds release, Seed Increased by my father over the years and then again by myself. I was able to get 8of40 seeds to germinate and selected one outstanding Male and Female respectively to continue on the line.
Lovely loud sharp sassafrass Haze funk that is purely spice funk goodness, dead on old school rootbeer concentrate or pure raw sassafrass root scent. SPICE Haze heavily selected to the Silver Pearl end, but not without a true haze flair, these have always been selected for Effect first and foremost.
The stone cuts through anything she’s put to and entirely clears the slate so to speak during Heavy smoke sessions, even cuts through the loftiest most potent varieties with a Haze like dagger.
Entirely cerebral mind magic, does not seem to carry any ceiling whatsoever. More you smoke farther down the rabbit hole you go. Tastes just like she smells and lingers on the pallet, Beautiful expansion on the lungs and leaves you swimming in her effect with a shit eating grin across your face. Elegantly potent mind numbing all in the head stone, almost has an expanding ballon head feel to it, for me is the most perfect of medicines. Destroys anxiety and negative mindflows entirely. Potent heart feel with a 120bpm pulsation through your core. Truly full melt glands, they are large heads and plenty of them she dumps thick resins with a golden glisten.
On a last note, they are such a damn joy to grow, they definitely grow with a stout dominance to them as my old man selected more to the Silver Pearl end which is a stout, but once bloom sets in they go all Haze with 3x plus stretch. Yield is Average to slightly Above, Quality is Hands above. Flower onset is Average. This line is for the True Haze connoisseur. I selected the meanest Haze dominant male with the Sour Sassafras Spice intact, so i believe we will get a bit later flower window out of this seed increase as the Female already runs 77 Days.

Silver Pearl=(Early Pearl x Sk#1 x NL#5)