A Couple Of Quick Marijuana Cultivation Tips

A Couple Of Quick Marijuana Cultivation Tips

From Clone To Cure… Your Work Is Never Done!

Congratulations… you’ve harvested. So you’ve cultivated a lot of flower…and now you need to dry and cure your pot. Yet, you are faced with the dilemma of only having a minute space to accomplish this. It seems like each time you jump over a cultivation hurdle, another is waiting — well this is no different. This is not a step to take the proverbial shortcut on. You have already invested time money and effort into producing a good tasting flower, if you don’t dry and cure your meds with the same care… your effort will be for not.

24 Sq. Ft. of Drying Space in 3’ Sq. Ft: Now that you finally made it through your harvest and you are faced with the sticky task of trying to ensure your medication is properly taken care of at this critical stage in the processing of your meds. Head on back to Home Depot, or Lowe’s and purchase yourself some of the heavy gauge dear fencing, that you might see around the average home garden. If you can purchase the 6’ height fencing, it’s just a matter of cutting the fencing into approximate 4 foot lengths. Once cut, secure them to each other with zip ties, so they become circular in shape. Now that you have a surface area of six feet tall, by four feet in length taking up just a fraction of its overall square footage, stand your new drying circles up and start loading them up with your sweet home grow buds.

Clones Love Perrier Mineral Water: While I have been making clones for many years and have enjoyed a wonderful success rate, Iwas recently turned on to a method that I had never heard of before. It was simple and made perfect sense. When making clones there are a few important items to have make sure you have on hand; a clean razor blade, that you have wiped any oil off of, as new blades have an oil on them. Some “root tone,” which is a rooting hormone powder and a small cup of Perrier Mineral water. This last item was something that is new to my list, as I just learned about it recently. Once you have taken your clone off the mother plant place your fresh cutting into a small container of Perrier sparkling water, before dipping the clone into the root tone solution. This will help the clone root at much faster pace, as it tends to make available many of the much needed minerals for the clones young and tender roots. Make sure when you’re purchasing your mineral water, that you’re choosing a type that has absolutely no flavor added, as you want to avoid anything other than just the basic bubbles and minerals.

Mom’s matter: One thing that is consistent with most high-yielding marijuana Gardens. They run on a rotational basis with the mother plant providing the clones to the high production garden area. The mother plant is the one responsible for passing down the genetics, flower taste, and cannabinoid structure to the clones which then produce the flower that we all enjoy. Meanwhile, the mother marijuana plant remains in a constant vegetative state, under consistent hours of light, in large containers while being fed a mild vegetative nutrient solution thereby keeping them in a suspended vegetative state.