A Holiday Gift For The Family – The Truth About Marijuana

A Holiday Gift For The Family - The Truth About Marijuana

The number one goal of most parents today, no matter what demographic you ask, is for his or her children to make it to adulthood – healthy, with the ability to make responsible choices regarding everything from lifestyle sets, to the friends they choose… as well as the safety issues they may encounter. Today’s parents accomplish this monumental task by sitting their kids down and having an open, honest and thought-provoking dialogue about these common issues that their kids will one day inevitably face. Like smoking pot!

A broad-based, well-rounded education arms our children with both the necessary tools and philosophical understanding to help them overcome life’s daily challenges, which most have already experienced…and no doubt will continue to face, as they progress down life’s twisted and sometimes confusing road.

Parents in Washington and Colorado should be happy and proud of their vote for a government regulated system for marijuana consumption. While the two systems very greatly, they both agree on age restrictions, driving while under the influence regulations, and limits to advertising and promotional material; not that weed needs much advertising. By Colorado and Washington addressing every parent’s worst nightmare – that of a drug addicted child, they have provided a venue for responsible parents to address this issue with their children.

As we have discussed several times, there are many studies which support marijuana legalization, and show how states which have regulated marijuana programs have seen a decrease in overall teem use, when compared to those states which still suffer from elevated teen use and associated crime due to marijuana’s outdated prohibition.

In our constantly evolving society, it is important for it to be socially acceptable for responsible parents to be able to educate their kids, on the differences between the various substances, which they hear about at school, around their local park, or even in your own home. To prepare them for their future, and safeguard them from life’s pitfalls an all-inclusive discussion regarding substance abuse is an absolute necessity. Anything less sends a confusing message, implying that somehow marijuana is ethically wrong, and that there is no such thing is responsible marijuana consumption.

This ignorant policy, which unfortunately allows the federal government ample opportunity to interfere with the parents main job of educating their kids about restraint and accountability is deceitful and do nothing to help our children comprehend the complex realities of the world we inhabit.

If it is somehow socially acceptable for parents, alcohol’s CEO, and even the Big Brother to teach our children about safe drinking practices (with the absolute understanding alcohol kills thousands of people yearly). Why is it you would expect less from the state regulation of marijuana, which will allow parents and educators to do the same for the plant (whose nonlethal and relatively harmless side effects inevitably make the latter substance, the safer choice).

We didn’t have to outlaw cigarettes to reduce the use among miners. A policy of education and regulation (not prohibition) has created an environment in which cigarette usage has fallen to an all-time low. The same goes for alcohol. A prolonged and concentrated effort on regarding responsible drinking habits by the government, alcohol companies and educators have all driven teen alcohol use down to record lows.

According to the 2011 monitoring the future survey; age restrictions, government regulations and educational programs have proven to be one of the most effective elements in reducing youth access to adult only recreational substances.