A Little Dab Might Do You… But a Big Dab Feels Great!

A Little Dab Might Do You… But a Big Dab Feels Great!

Given the complexity involved in first making quality cannabis concentrates, then the intricate rituals needed to be completed sequentially… In order not to upset any wax heads in the smoke circle – many find themselves asking “what’s up with concentrates?”

Today’s medical marijuana community is witnessing the germination of a new breed of patient, one with increased tolerance, and a penchant for vaporizing the highest THC products they can get their hands on.

Budder, wax, and shatter are all different subcategories of the larger topic of marijuana concentrates. With the primary difference occurring after the cannabis compounds have been stripped from the plant. Cannabis extracts are most commonly produced with either butane or CO2, and the smoking utensils utilized to vaporize these high-tech med’s – are themselves works of art.

The most common technique for “dabbing” involves heating the ‘nail’ (either with a torch, or electronically) generally made from either high-grade titanium, quartz, or glass. The somewhat intricate process for dabbing your concentrates remains basically the same, regardless of the nail type you’re using. One of the bigger variables I found in my dab circles, revolves around the temperature at which some like to keep their nail when hitting their dab. Some like their titanium nail glowing – red-hot, while others prefer an electronic nail, these folks tend to use a lower temperature for dabbing, as a means of maximizing the flavor – keeping the terpenes’ tasty.

The overwhelming Intensity from the heated nail almost instantly vaporizes the concentrates, at this point the patient gently inhales through the provided mouthpiece of their favorite oil rig. Oil rigs come in many shapes, price ranges and sizes. From the basics – to the insanely complex, glass artists blowing oil rigs have become industry rock stars. Making colorful works of art, complete with butane torches, diffusers, and dab dishes… just about any add-on you can think of is possible.

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in the type and purity level of concentrated cannabis products. It all started with cold water hash, then later butane hash oil (BHO) and more recently CO2, oxygen and hydrogen – collectively called supercritical extractions. The availability and potency of concentrates has risen exponentially. Five years ago BHO was commonly available, but represented a small segment of the market. Today, that’s hardly the case.

Vaporizing oils and waxes was initially through traditional methods. One could spread the goopy mix on a rolling paper while rolling a joint, or dropped into a pipe filled with flower -just for that extra kick. BHO – at that point was usually vaporized from an old glass bong, which had been modified with a titanium skillet swing arm. These methods provided a much stronger effect than just smoking crushed flower, as the THC content could be as high as 70%.

Despite the fear of some, over the rapid growth for marijuana concentrates… Many believe that vaporizing just the active cannabinoids and terpenes is clearly one of the healthier ways to medicate with cannabis. No carcinogens from burning plant matter, mold or pesticides – just pure concentrated medication straight from nature.