A Peak into the Cannabis Cup

A Peak into the Cannabis Cup

Medicinal Marijuana users can still become excited over the forbidden world of cannabis. For unfortunate reasons, you have been inducted into a world that many can only think about. The result is a community of users and fans who are activists as well. Pair the passion and grateful nature of this crowd, and it becomes little to no surprise that those interested in medical marijuana world take interest in the annual Cannabis Cup. It is a celebration of cannabis and all it encompasses.

The Cannabis Cup is an annual competition hosted by High Times magazine. It has been hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the past 24 years and features cannabis used both for recreational purposes as well as for medicinal purposes the world over. The event draws entries and spectators from around the globe and always features an A-List of musical performers and occasionally speakers and Cannabis Breeder. The 2011 event is set to take place November 20-24th and features headlining musical act Cypress Hill featuring B-Real.

Previous Winners at the Cannabis cup

are generally looked to as favorites to bring impressive growth in subsequent years as well. Judges vote on the best of the best in a variety of categories which include Coffee Shop (Cannabis Cup), Nederhash Cup, Import Hash Cup, Seed Company (Satvia Cup), Seed Company (Indica Cup), Seed Company Hash, Glass Award, Expo Booth Award and Product Award. Respective winners in each category from 2010 include Tangerine Dream at Barney’s Coffeeshop, Tangerine Nectar Iceolator at Barney’s Farm, Caramella Cream at Barney’s Coffeeshop, Kosher Kush from Reserva Privada, Starbud Meltz from Hortilab, Ghost from Roor, Barney’s Farm, and Barney’s Bud Scope from Barney’s Farm. Just glimpsing at the list of winners creates an interest in paying close attention to what Barney’s farm and Barney’s Coffeeshop will produce in 2011. Boasting a long list of wins and mentions in past years will make these shops and booths a popular stop for many guests, so Cannabis Breeder, plan to attend early in the day.

This Year’s Expectations pair new exhibits with big name speakers. The event is being hyped as High Times Magazine uses this year’s festivities to gear up for the 25th annual event next year. Along with cannabis exhibits that allow you to sample what’s new and familiar favorites, you can also expect to meet and hear from leaders of the cannabis world. Of particular interest to those using cannabis for medicinal reasons is the expected seminar with Debby Goldsberry. The Berkley, California, native plays a large role in the movement to legalize all marijuana for a variety of purposes. Additionally, you can expect to hear from leaders in the cultivation of cannabis. This can help you learn how to better grow your own marijuana, as well as how to spot the best bud available to you.

A spin-off of the Cannabis Cup focused on medical cannabis alone is also held annually. The event took place in April of 2011 in Denver, Colorado. This two-day event focuses on all things cannabis as they relate to medical needs. Speakers include major activists in the medical marijuana community. Seminars tend to be the major draw at this event focusing on such titles as how to start up, own and operate your own medical marijuana business. Much like the Amsterdam event, the medical cannabis event wraps up with a large party and surprise musical guests.