ACE Seeds Review

ACE Seeds Review

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ACE Seeds is really a number of breeders and Cannabis lovers committed to the preservation and study of our wonderful plant. The planet is suffering from a continuing lost of genetic diversity and Marijuana isn’t different. It’s our responsibility to conserve all these one of a kind varieties of life, and also to maintain and safeguard the bio-diversity.

The pure landrace varieties, that are the origin of the many domesticated varieties, certainly are a prime type of the astonishing adaptation of cannabis for the different ecosystems of the planet, and also the millenary and instensive relationships with mankind.The pure varieties are vanishing for a lot of reasons, including elimination of natural settings, lost of it’s ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, war, globalization and laws prohibiting research utilization of our plant almost around the entire world.

From the medical viewpoint, the huge benefits and uses of cannabinoids have not been thoroughly studied, and several of those pure varieties possess a unique cannabinoid profile that may be helpful for treating a variety of diseases. ACE Seeds will give you all new and fresh genetics selected from the best of our extensive library of C.Sativa strains, gathered from all over the world and preserved within our collection. We’re proud to provide a varietie indexed in our catalogue and bred by ACE Seeds from our private selections. These genetics are unique and are limited in stock.

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  1. The notable Original 91 chemdawg AKA the skunk VA cut and yes it was the sole verified cut chem gave out. This cut was mixed to my SFV OGK F4 male. Think Lemon Funk skunk and you’ve got it right. The Cali Connection breeders have a sole intention – and that will be to deliver the world with Cali’s most beneficial genetics in seed form.

  2. Jamaican Me Crazy from the Cali Connection Seedbank, the cali connection yet again enable you to get several of the most desirable cannabis seeds in the game. Based mainly on genetics along the Californian Coast, USA. Originating from Kingston via Negril. She’s awfully quick finishing sativa together with powerful sandalwood flavours, along with passion fruit undertones.

  3. For their Rastaberry, Willy Jack seeds have taken the fruitiest variety imaginable in Strawberry Cough and crossed it with the trusty old Chronic.