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advanced cannabis growing techniques

Advanced cannabis growing techniques

I don’t have any gardening experience, should I get this book?



Advanced cannabis growing techniques

Cannabis analytical labs are becoming more professional. “I’ve seen an evolution in the sophistication of the industry,” Brauninger says. “Most of the people running labs now have PhDs and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s light years more sophisticated than five or six years ago.”

But as legal medical — and increasingly, recreational — cannabis becomes more widespread, the cannabis industry is becoming more professional. By adopting the methods and rigour of plant science and analytical chemistry, it is ensuring that it can produce safe, consistent and high-quality products for a fast-growing and lucrative market.

And as testing becomes more widespread, its importance is also reaching users, says Marcu. “Consumers are starting to realize that there is a big difference between illicit or grey-market products and those from a licensed operator,” he says. “They can have more confidence in the products than before.”

Testing, testing

“For a product to be sold in most US states, it has to be tested externally,” says Jahan Marcu, director of experimental pharmacology and behavioral research at the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health in New York City.

A student inspects a cannabis plant at Niagara College Canada’s teaching laboratory in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. Credit: Niagara College

For years, the popular image of cannabis growers has been scruffy hippies getting high on their own supply in a disorganized underground economy, rather than shiny white industrial agriculture facilities. Even larger-scale operations involved minimal quality control or lacked formal record keeping.

In Canada, government regulations require producers to use an independent lab to measure the level of cannabinoid in dried cannabis flowers and oils so that the resulting products can be labelled appropriately. Producers must also test for contaminants such as the bacterium Escherichia coli, mould, heavy metals and 96 types of pesticide. When edible cannabis products become legal in Canada later this year, they will face similarly stringent rules, says Purcell; labels on such products will have to convey the same nutritional information as do those on any other food product. In the United States, the regulations are broadly similar to those in Canada. But each US state where medical or recreational cannabis is legal sets its own testing regime — and those requirements can vary widely and change quickly. “In Delaware, the regulations are now totally different than two years ago,” says Marcu.

“Because of the federal strictures, there weren’t any standardized methods. Labs had to validate everything themselves,” Brauninger says. “It’s difficult to bring in expertise when there isn’t a wealth of information available, and no trade association to help share techniques.”

Do you want to learn how to become an advanced indoor grower in the realm of Cannabis Cultivation?Are you ready to learn and implement the most sophisticated Cannabis training Techniques to maximize your yields?Do you want to learn how to grow bigger, denser buds, using advanced methods?If your answer is yes to the above questions, this book is for you!Frequently Asked Questions-Question:I don’t have any gardening experience; in fact, I am a complete beginner. Should I get this book?-Answer:This book is designed specifically for advanced Cannabis growing techniques; therefore if you are a complete beginner, you should start with Volume 1, called: ‘’Access the Secrets to Grow Top-Shelf Buds’’-Question:I know how to grow marijuana, but I want bigger yields and better quality. I heard the soil is essential, which I didn’t pay much attention yet, but I think I was wrong. Will this book teach anything on soil or just the usual boring topics that everyone knows already?-Answer:Indeed, using the right soil is vital, and this book will enormously benefit you because it has two chapters focusing explicitly on Soil. Precisely: What is the best soil for cannabis, how to make your soil mix at home, and what things you must contemplate when choosing the soil. Furthermore, what establishes excellent or lousy soil, what you must know in terms of a nutrient-rich recipe, what are the benefits and drawbacks of nutrient-rich cannabis super soil, how to make your own super soil, and what vital things you must distinguish to grow with nutrient-rich soil.-Question:I have been growing marijuana before, but my results weren’t as good as I anticipated, so maybe I made a few mistakes. I want to produce top quality Buds, but not sure about the right UV light settings, measurements, and things like that. I need precise guidelines. Will this book benefit me, and assist me in specific procedures on how to grow marijuana properly?-Answer:Yes. You are in luck! This book has a dedicated chapter on Light spectrum requirements. Precisely on what spectrum of light cannabis plants require, how each light spectrum ranges distresses cannabis growth, how each stage of cannabis growth can be enhanced, using precise light spectrum ratio and intensity stages to achieve their strong growth patterns.-Question:I need professional help with my nutrition guide schedule, and how to clone Cannabis properly, but I need a step-by-step guide. Will this book help me?-Answer:Yes! You will love this book! This manuscript has a very comprehensive step-by-step guide on both subjects. Each section clarifies what you need to do, in the exact order how to do it.-Question:I have been reading similar books before, but they are all over the place, and I am still not sure if I should buy this book. How do I know this book is any good?-Answer:Frank (The author of this book) has over 22 years of real-life experience of both; indoor & outdoor Cannabis growing. Frank mastered this industry a long time ago, and by learning from someone with such prolonged exposure, will extremely valuable to you. You not only going to comprehend real life implementations, tips and trick, and the best Cannabis training techniques, but you will also learn about the most common mistakes growers do so that you can avoid them right at the beginning of your growing adventures. BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN:What nutrients plants will need to thrive,What ratios to give for each stage of plant growth,The hazards of under and overfeeding your plants,Characteristic of a nutrient imbalance,What products are mostly used for optimal blood growth,What are the best surroundings are for cannabis growth,How to uphold conditions in your grow area,What is monster cropping, and how to implement it, and much more. BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!

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