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aerogarden cannabis grow guide

Aerogarden cannabis grow guide

The differences between each brand vary, but for the most part, they all work well. Each brand will have different setups, such as three part systems and A&B systems.

See the Legal and medical status of cannabis Wikipedia article for information on the legal status of growing personal use marijuana in your area.

Now that we’ve learned about the stock AeroGarden nutrients, let’s take a look into the different nutrients available.

There are several different brands to choose from, including: General Hydroponics, FoxFarm Nutrients, Canna, Dutch Nutrient Formula, etc.

Feeding/Nutrient Schedule [ ]

pH Level – You want your water’s pH around 5.6-5.8, anything from 5.4-6.0 is acceptable, but the closer to 5.7 the better.

If you are using foxfarm or some other kind of nutrients, follow their schedule.

Each brand will also have a feeding schedule that you should follow to achieve the best results. Follow their recommended schedule.


Aerogarden cannabis grow guide

This can be reverted, but the affected leaves will not return to normal appearance.

Your tap water may have calcium and magnesium in small concentrations, but likely not enough.

So here are the AeroGarden models I recommend:

4.2 Total dissolved solids (TDS) & parts per million (PPM)

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden™ is an exciting hydroponic system. You can grow fresh herbs, lettuce, year-round, in the comfort of your home.

Now it’s time to add nutrients to the water. Begin with half of the recommended dosage by the manufacturer.

If the pH fluctuates a lot or is out of control for a long time, your plant leaves will become distorted especially in the new growth areas.

3.1 Required

If you’re using distilled water, you will need to add a Cal-Mag solution to your water as they are essential secondary nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Cannabis, like any other plants, needs calcium and magnesium.

Inspired by the increasing shift of gardening in the United States, the Aerogarden was invented to give an effective alternative for those who are struggling to set up their indoor gardens, especially in the regions where the temperature changes drastically, killing the plants grown through the pots. Despite its indoor setting, we must know that plants are sensitive to any changes and are susceptible to any damages it may incur, just like with the temperature movements.

Knowing Aerogarden

To efficiently know this apparatus, let’s take a look with its parts:

Grow Bulb

Because of its origin that has cooler climates with shorter seasons, Cannabis Indica plants grow smaller than Cannabis Sativa, and a bit higher than Cannabis Ruderalis. An average Indica strain grows only from 2 to 4 feet. The plant’s vegetative cycle ranges from 8 to 10 weeks or 56 to 70 days on the average. Some strains have longer vegetation cycles, as reported by some growers.