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aerogarden deluxe growing weed

What should i do here.
I have 3 rather big plants in my AG atm, lots of the fan leaves on the biggest are overlapping onto the other smaller 2 all 3 are competing for light.
Now, the AG manual says its essential to prune. but i dont think they assume your growing weed.

Do you guys and girls think cutting back some of the leaves to provide a more even distributation of light is the right thing to do?

16/8 lighting
Aerogarden Deluxe (3 clf’s)
Strand unknown (probably something dogey)

Aerogarden deluxe growing weed

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This little hydro device I picked up online from is handy when it comes to growing your own personal crop. It is especially useful to grow in small spaces. The jumps in the shot occur when I discovered male plants (as they had to be removed) and from plant trimming. All plants came from seed. Its truly amazing how easily it is to grow in such a small and incognito space with the aerogarden.

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if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.

dont do what i did though, just tuck em in, and read em a bedtime story

if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.

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I think i had to do that with every plant. With one, I even took the whole germed seed out the sponge, peeled the rest of the seed shell off myself, accidently dropped the seedling on the floor, and it just so happens to be the biggest plant in my AG right now. Plants are weird creatures.

i’ve also just tossed my seeds in a pellet without germinating but always barely cover it when you put them in to deep sometimes they just quit tryin .lazy bastards


another thing:: The aero garden is an AERO system. its not designed for rockwool. Its designed to grow strawberries. lol dont add shit to the system except for a light change and even still u can use the ag light till it reaches max. either cut the cord and extend that light and grow weak buds or get a hps and use the ag light for the side and bottom of the plants. The ag is great for clones and even vegging with some mylar assistance but get a better light for flower power![/quote]

check your lights. So far my ag has worked fine.
when it comes to germn. i just take the seeds and drop them in only a cm down in the sponge. i put the ag on germ mode and let it do its thing. a few days later ull be gold.