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aerogarden weed grow journal

Nutrients: After two weeks, I gave them a half dose of Advanced Nutrients Micro-Grow-Bloom 3 part formula (half dose being figured as 1/2 tsp micro, 1/2 tsp grow, 1/2 tsp bloom per gallon of water), bringing the ppm to 500. I’m still learning the nutrient side of things. I’ve heard you can double the amount of bloom and not use grow at all. I’m also not sure why I’m using bloom nutrients on a plant thats just about to go into veg, but seems to be normal from what I have read from others. Please let me know if this is not correct. Later on, once flowering, I have some "Big Bud" nutes that I plan on adding as well.

Pod Spacing: Only one plant is grown in the Aerogarden, since it has a 1 gallon reservoir. The roots from one single plant should fill up the entire reservoir. The pod chosen was the center pod in the front row. The other holes were covered with duct tape to ensure that light does not hit the roots in the reservoir.

Lighting: Aerogarden Ultra’s new full spectrum LED hood. Manual override of lighting system timer adjusted to 18/6 light cycle.

– Aerogarden side reflectors and trullis system may be added later as the plant increases in size.

Grow Space: Inside of an 8′ x 4′ grow tent (and 7 feet tall). One side has my regular HPS grow going, the other side has 2 Aerogardens, an Ultra LED and a regular ultra that has been modified for 3 CFL’s. We will only be focusing on the Ultra LED for this grow log.

Strain: Autoflower Lemon Haze feminized seed from Emerald Triangle Seeds, purchased through Attitude Seed Bank. Since autoflowers stay shorter in height, the autoflower was chosen specifically for the aerogarden.

– Did not use included nutes. Used my own (see above)

Aerogarden weed grow journal

Despite the fact that the seeds in the picture clearly are not cannabis seeds, we’ve still had growers vouch for this image. I talked to one grower who told me they use this “method” on a regular basis, and he claimed that it works better than random guessing once you get some experience. But unfortunately, even he said the method has up to 70% accuracy in the best-case scenario. Even if his story is true, those aren’t good odds! That means about 1/3 of “female” seeds end up being male. It also creates false negatives, which means that about 1/3 of the “male” seeds you’re throwing away are actually female…and those best-case-scenario numbers!

Myth #1 “You can tell the sex of your plant by looking at the seeds.”

With that being said, don’t do this. There are many cheap, effective, and readily available means of giving your plants Nitrogen without involving urine.

Myth #3 “You can grow weed in a [Insert Garden Gimmick].”

One of the downsides to an invention as incredible as the internet is that crazy, nonsensical “tips” can easily be spread to thousands of new growers without any fact-checking. Unfortunately, many misleading tips just as crazy as this one not only exist, but are followed by inexperienced new growers!

Aerogarden weed grow journal

Feminized seeds are also great, they allow growers to apply training techniques that aren’t recommended for auto and they can be cloned.

On the other hand, yields are usually smaller with autoflowering seeds and most have a lower THC percentage.

2.2 Recommended marijuana strains for the AeroGarden

Key takeaway: pH problems can slow the growth of your cannabis plants and lower your yield.

3. The shopping list

Now it’s time to add nutrients to the water. Begin with half of the recommended dosage by the manufacturer.