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Afghan Seeds
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Afghan Info

PLANT TYPE100% Indica
THCUp to 20%
CBDNo relevant amount
DIFFICULTYEasy to grow
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS16 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Afghan Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Afghani #1 is one of the one we all owe such a debt of gratitude to Neville Schoenmaker and Sensi Seeds Company. They started this little whole breeding thing way back when in the early ’80s and this is one of his flagship ones, Afghani #1. It’s one of the parents to quite a few strains, and it’s still a great strain to grow.

Afghani #1 will go anywhere, but it really shines indoors.

Afghani #1 averages about 70 days.

Afghani #1 can give phenomenal yields at the end if the energy is put into it, but the average yield is about six to eight ounces indoors.

Afghani #1 is usually about six, seven foot tall. It can get bigger outdoors.

Afghani #1 has got a lot of pros. The only cons is it’s not as high test as some of the newer ones today, but it’s got a very good THC ratio. And it’s a very good one to put a breeding program on.

Afghani #1 set its own family. There’s not similar strains. Well, if you want to say that the indicas are all similar. But it doesn’t really come out like that.

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  1. Plants of speed, abundant side, bunched cannabis ancestors timberline are called afterwards India, and ITAS accurate that these strains are developed for charas in the aerial north. However, the best ideal examples of the dark, ultra-resinous Cannabis Indica genotype are absolutely begin hundreds of afar to the northwest, in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    Students committed Indica bloodlines about accredit to these varieties as Afghanica to allocution about their admired plants and as âhash back speaking about of the strains begin beyond India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It indicates a lot of active adopt their ganja after a trace of Sativa or Skunk, while some purists alone absorb edger or assortment that they apperceive is 100% Cannabis Indica

    A added reliable and amount is basically a amalgamation for Afghani # 1 Sensi. The best parents for our incomparable ambit of cultivars Afghans accept been distilled into a berry array that gives growers arbiter examples of Afghan genotype at all times.

    In contempo years, the best bent Indica-lovers accept journeyed all the way to Pakistan, again beyond the bound with Afghanistan to âhashish country to the highlands of the Hindu Kush amid Chitral, Mazar-i-Sharif, to Kandahar in the south in attending of seeds pure, changeless bounded that could be brought home to abound in the Afghan dreams.

    Anyone gluttonous a compact, accessible and fast centralized advance ache able of aerial assembly and about alarming adhesive assembly charge attending no further. Whether producers charge compatible crops from berry or outstanding authentic Indica plants to ample his ancestor beginning amplitude with activating aphotic blooming clones, Afghani # 1 has you covered.

    Even beginners acquisition it difficult not to accomplish with this strain, and farmers who backpack out the abounding abeyant of Afghani # 1 baronial amid the best in their aboriginal Indica begin anywhere.

    • Stature
    • Sog crop baby
    • Flowering Period 7 weeks
    • Thc 17 Percent
    • Indica Type
    • Harvest Month 9
    • Seeds Sensi Berry Bank
    • The calm altitude
    • No Marijuana Feminised
    • Effect of Pavement
    • Normal difficulty
  2. My favorite strain! Always grows big and I love the indica taste.

  3. Afghani has no match. Being in neighbourhood of Afghanistan, I love Afghani #1. It has the smell of pureness from the hills of Afghanistan. It has great significance in medical field also. Lets hope for its high growth.

  4. My love Side. It is a best side to know something.

  5. Did not grow past seedling. All my other seeds grew but this 1 was not good quality. It took weeks to germinate and then it was a deformed seedling until it died at 2cm.

  6. Hybrid Indica / Sativa. Robust and highly productive plant with large, dense aroma, tasty potent buds and durable thanks to its heritage Skunk. Adverse weather resistant and easy to grow, making it ideal for beginners. In cold climates may develop red and purple colors.

  7. A solid plant that’s very easy to grow. The Purple Afghani is a generally Indica inbred to generate thick and dense buds. This selection has dark green colored foliage and calyxes that convert purple at flowering. Medium-high leaf to flower proportion which includes a subtle smell and an excellent high.

  8. Nigerian Afghan F1 is seen as a strong Sativa/Indica variety modeled after the rapid flowering pure short statured Nigerian. A hashy pungent high partnered with the strong heavy mind-numbing buzz from the Afghanistan. Illustrates first generation hybrid vigour. Indoors Nigerian Afghan is swift to preflower & once she starts gaining weignt you’re going to be rewarded with above average yields per plant.

  9. CH9 Female Seeds Afghani Milk has Northern Afghani hashich influences; a vintage 2006 crossbreed was backcrossed to a Mazar e Sharif hybrid, a real indica. These CH9 Female Seeds Afghani Milk have great medicinal value and thus should be welcomed into souvenir seed collections to preserve the genetics for future science.

  10. Protecting the genuine Afghani values! Dominant Afghan flavor, quality and form of high along with dominant Skunk yield, vigour and basic potency supplies you the cream from the crops. Hefty, dense buds that trickle with resin within the heat. Heavy stone. Great for many medical applications.

  11. Very nice plant structure, with afghan and haze undertones, the jack33 will add some fruity savor and will shorten a bit flowering time. Afghan haze received the female pollen and will be dominant. Expect a nice hybrid metabolism, and some astringent rock hard buds.

    The mixture of a pure Afghan blended to the Haze male can only create something fantastic. The area to work on with this plant will be the yield and duration of yield thus selection is critical for individuals who look for the proper type of mix of both parents. Both parent plants are really proven by themselves and have achieved greatness for medical patients worldwide. An outstanding strain to possess in the medical gardens which are spouting up all over the globe. Do your friends a favor and spread the plant’s products around… you’ll be helping the planet with its pain!

  12. Super Compressed, quick Blooming, Genuine Indica, Super large Buds having a Frightning quantity of Resin The Afghan Mafia is a beastly creature to be reckoned with, Well-known Hard hitting Indica with very quick flowing times. Magnificent Afghan Taste.

  13. Afghani Hindu Kush is an extremely strong Indica. It’s got strong buds and the smoke can be quite heavy. Tastes similar to sweet hash.

  14. Afghanistan is famous for its high grade hashish, but it’s also the homeland to a couple of of the world’s most potent types pf Cannabis from the original “Afghani” gene pool. Our Afghani is the product of many years of development to maintain and improve the true potency and taste of this legendary strain from Afghanistan.Afghani is 100% indica variety with sedative “medicinal” effects.

  15. A speedy flowering & higher than average yield. Shiva Afghani might be grown almost anyplace but especially perfect outside within a warmer climate. Its intensely resinous buds produce a unique spacey high.

  16. Afghan Haze Seeds via the Mr Nice Seedbank is the cross-bred outcome of two classic strains, namely Afghan and Haze. An outcome of the fusing of both of these great plants, this marijuana strain was anticipated to be fantastic therefore it didn’t fail. Mr Nice sensi seeds are bred with obtaining precisely the finest seeds in mind. This marijuana seed is surely an original classic, whose genetic properties will never disappoint.

  17. This Afghani strain could be grown indoors not to mention outdoors. Its ancestors are an old time Afghani strain, mixed over with a brand new double Afghani. This indica possesses a strong sweet scent, the foliage is broad and dark green. Afghani Special is a plant from the good old days.

  18. Mr Nice Seeds Nordle (Afghan Skunk) is an homage for the good ol’ days. Bred by Nevil and Shantibaba this is great strain for inodoors / outdoors and greenhouses. With a good yield of 500 – 700 grams for each square meter this plant will finish in around 7-9 weeks. The very best part regarding this plant, is it’s a great all rounder for novices and seasoned growers.

  19. Maroc x Afghan is really a vintage F1 hybrid of a couple of the most delicious hash producing strains available. The Moroccan seed stock arrives from a Ketama hash plantation and it has been inbred for about 9 years. Yields will be quite promising. Remarkable for smaller-scale urban hash operations. Water hash out of this strain comes with a exotic import flavour.

  20. An Afghan#1 female and male of the greatest clones were chosen to develop this sensational seed. An extremely strong smelling fine Afghan. It is really an original genus strain crossed using the finest, the best and also the smelliest Afghanis of every one of them. For anyone who is an Afghani fan, this really is more fulfilling than one which has a Kalashnikov.

  21. Superb Super Skunk, Afghan #1 combination, an enhancement to the quick growing bushy, higher yielding Super Skunk. Powerful vigorous growth. Quick flowering time and the well-known resilience and power of the Afghani. This Skunk delivers extra punch as compared to a Shaolin Monk! Often called a fat-arse bhudda producer (and we are really not talking vinyl, not ‘alf mate).

  22. A mixture of Afghan#1 (high resin quality and quantity) and Big Bud (excellent yield and fragrance). It is a favourite within our collection. Big plant together with heavy stems and wide leaves, large colas and higher resin content. This cross had been designed to secure the lack of stability of Big Bud. It is a heavyweight performer who’ll become your pal for a lifetime; as devoted like a dog.

  23. Afghan Kush is another pure landrace indica Kush which grows wild in the valleys of Armu Darya , a river near the borders of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It’s a very stable variety and is probably the result of successive crossbacks between wild varieties. While powerful, it smells like the best Afghan hashish, and is considered to be a very valuable medicinal chemotype.