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afghani lemon seeds

She is one of the first pure indica varieties used for breeding cannabis around the globe.

Afghani #1 (f.ka Afghani/ Afghanistan) is a classic landrace strain collected from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan in the 1970s.

She has paved the way for other rockstar genetics like Girl Scout Cookies.

With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, this strain produces dense buds coated in frosty trichomes and has a THC content of around 20%.

Because their genetics are so highly sought after, few landrace strains remain on the marijuana market, but Afghani is one such indica variety that will never lose its desirability.

A highly sought after landrace strain with sativa genetics and a bounty of THC, Afghani feminized marijuana seeds are just the ticket for deep relaxation and happiness. With a little TLC, more experienced growers can coax a decent sized yield of medical marijuana out of an Afghani harvest.


Sweet and earthy, and Afghani marijuana high provides a deep, sedative relaxation coupled with a happy euphoria – courtesy of its 19% THC content, and it’s often considered for patients looking to find a potent ally in the battle against insomnia.

Named for its geographic origin, Afghani marijuana seeds are believed to be among the earliest varieties of cannabis that were grown, and worldwide, breeders continue to propagate the strain for its heavy production of sticky resin, which can be passed along through its genetics (it has been paired off more than a few times).