African Queen Treated Like Royalty At WAMM

African Queen Treated Like Royalty At WAMM

The world’s oldest continuously operating medical marijuana garden can be found just outside Santa Cruz, California, grown under the patronages of WAMM — the Wo/Men’s alliance for medical marijuana.

First founded back in 1993, a full three years before California voters passed proposition 215 and legalized medical marijuana in the state, WAMM cultivates 100% organic, sun grown, organic pot for its hundreds of members, many of whom suffer from chronic or terminal conditions like AIDS, M.S., cancer, and Alzheimer’s -to name just a few.

WAMM is known within the medical marijuana community as the “gold standard” of medical marijuana dispensaries, acknowledged as such by a federal judge; the group has long been at the spears tip in the broader medicinal marijuana crusade, feeling compelled to distribute medicinal pot to its active members on the steps of the Santa Cruz, City Hall just weeks after the devastating 2002 DEA raid, which laid waste to an entire year’s worth of work and flower.

Up in their peaceful, and serene garden, the WAMM founders Mike and Valerie Corral work with a enthusiastic team of volunteers cultivators who produce a wide genetic variety of marijuana strains, including newer hybrids and high CBD plants. The bulk of their genetics, however, stems from just two strains: a tough and durable strain from Afghanistan dubbed purple Indica, and a Sativa from Malawi way called African Queen. WAMM has also developed Indica and Sativa dominant hybrids of both of these varieties. Members seeking relief from nausea, depression, inflammation and other conditions best treated with a sativa, find the African Queen a godsend, especially since purebreds sativas are nearly impossible to obtain at many collectives – thanks to their long flowering times and smaller yields.

WAMM’s gardeners pollinate only those African Queen plants that have thrived in the gardens particular microclimate, which means that over the years they’ve conditioned them to produce denser buds than typical purebred sativas, resulting in heavier harvests, and quicker flowering times.

Still, just a few rips on this heady and uplifting strain, you know it’s just what the doctor ordered — and WAMM’s management of exclusively organic fertilizers allows the African Queens lemony taste and pungent aroma to achieve a powerful full expression.