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Agent Orange Seeds
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Agent Orange Info

PLANT TYPE45% Indica 55% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEOutdoor sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Agent Orange Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

One of the winners of the 1990 High Times Harvest Festival where it clearly defeated Skunk #1. This plant is especially developed for Skunk lovers. Our best Skunks have been crossed with their Afghani ancestors. Brush against this plant and the room becomes immediately filled with a powerful Skunk aroma. Despite the smell a very pleasant high with a little more body to it than the Skunk #1. Agent Orange was created from TGA’s famous Orange Velvet, a strain favoured and treasured by MzJill for its candy taste and pain relieving effect bred with the notoriously potent flagship strain ” Jack The Ripper”. Combined to create a perfect hybrid potent, tasty baseball bat colas of weighty frosty orange buds, simply an all round excellent strain.

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  1. This Orange Bud from the heart of sunny California has been in existence for more than 25 years. Ceres Feminized Seeds make good use of that illustrious history.

  2. OrangeCropi-Canna Pure Premium Orange tastes of one thing – Oranges. Accompanied by a strong reputation of great taste and quality this particular one is complex, mature, and well-balanced – globally renowned favorite exactly like the orange bud as well as the California orange strains belonging to the past. This strain goes beyond the orange types before it, pushing new boundaries of flavour and taste minus the worry of going overboard! Tasty, fresh, fruit flavoured buds of positively moreish delight and pleasure! Just like the tone of our own delectable Orange but would love to liven it up with the extra charge of tangerine flavor? Then Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Orange Tangerine is designed for you. Delicious and high quality: mellow, clean, subtle – set for being internationally renowned. Plus this brilliant taste may be yours without having it being too much. Instead, this variety continues to be specifically bred to become light, relaxed and calm; the ideal mixture of flavour and taste without resulting in lethargy.

  3. Dutch Passion’s Californian Orange is regarded as a famous outdoor cannabis strain coming from California and was delivered into Holland during the early eighties where it had been perfected for indoor and greenhouse marijuana cultivators. Californian Orange is regarded as a skunk plant with loads of THC and unbelievable zest both in flavor and performance. This 50% Sativa, 50% Indica combination possesses a sweet citrus odor and is also delectable when smoked. Having a very powerful, fairly clear high it’s not necessarily essential to select from high yield and quality while Dutch Passion’s Californian Orange can provide both!

  4. Green Devil Seeds Orange Haze is the additional main Sativa invented by Green Devil Genetics. Unlike their other Sativa’s, this variety carries a shorter flowering period and a much more juicy, fruity flavour that closely resembles Valencian citrus oranges. Preserved ever since the 70’s, a vintage American Haze was crossed with a potent mother Orange Bud to develop Orange Haze. These Cannabis plants produce vast amounts of bud which will be ready in 63 or 65 days cultivated indoors and mature at the end of October when grown outdoors. Coupled with Orange Haze’s vigorous growth, it is extremely pest and mold resistant, causing it to be an incredible commercial crop. If granted, these plants will grow enormous, varying from 2 1/2 to 3 meters tall with internodal gaps. Orange Haze flowers have condensed density and therefore are comparable to chunks of meat. It’s a Sativa that delivers an energetic effect which is fast-paced and productive. The high is extremely desired by cannabis cultures. Favorably, Orange Haze buds possess little leaves which don’t make it challenging to manicure.

  5. Sweet Pink Grapefruit hails from near Vancouver in Canada. It’s existed in cutting form close to there for more than thirty-five years and even though precise genetics are unknown there’s also plenty of speculation. Probably the most probable story would be that the Sweet Pink Grapefruit is a specifically chosen Northern Lights #1 phenotype, recognized for its unique flavor. Sweet Pink Grapefruit is famous in her position as the mother plant in the Sweet Tooth family brought to life via Spice of Life Seeds and also Breeder Steve. For several years this clone only strain disappeared in Switzerland just a couple of growers had guaranteed these outstanding genetics. Alpine Seeds have finally agreed to restore this little legend and help make it accessible for commercial sale. The special characteristics of these genetics is unquestionably the smell, flavour and quality of the end product. It creates such an intense, exotic, sweet flavor found only really rarely in other strains. You can see from precisely where the Sweet Tooth receives its flavor. Sweet Pink Grapefruit generates great average yields having a high resin content and great potency, that all help to enhance this strain being an elite clone. The dense buds aren’t very hard, beneath lights they will mature in 62-68 days and at an earlier stage emit that unique flavor. The powerful root formation and structure from the buds points towards a clear partnership with Afghani genetics. Nevertheless the leaf and vegetative growth stage display marked resemblances with qualities which can be discovered as trait of sativas. Sweet Pink Grapefruit is created by a self-pollination of this very clone-only Strain. It is extremely difficult to feminize and to push male flower production to the female plant. The breeders utilize a brand new self-fertilizing method using a new substance to produce plenty of male flowers containing potent pollen. Feminized S1 Seeds are extremely similar to the very 1st Sweet Pink Grapefruit Clone. Taste, aroma, the buzz and the whole plant are identical to the original cutting and demonstrate the exact same unique characteristics.

  6. The descent of the parents originate from Afghanistan North India as well as Mexico. Well suited for outdoor and indoor cultivation. With an above average ability to resist molds. Phatt Fruity includes a distinctly earthy taste along with a pure couch sealing stone effect.

  7. Ceres Seeds’ prize-winning Fruity Thai can be described as tropical surprise. A mix of Dutch varieties and Original Thai provide you the finest of both parties of the indica/sativa spectrum. Fruity Thai happily earned second place (2006) Cannabis Cup; Indica Cup winner.

  8. Cropi-Canna Seeds Golden Grapefruit is again similar to the Orange and Grapefruit varieties, this Cropi-Canna Seed strain incorporates a solid status of high quality however this particular one is sweet, robust, and powerful – a globe renowned favourite identical to the grapefruit original strain from the late 80s.

  9. Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Grapefruit resembles the taste of just one thing – you suspected it – Grapefruit. Again much like the Orange variety it comes with a strong history of superb quality and taste, however this particular one is elegant, glowing and rich – internationally renowned favourite exactly like the grapefruit original strain from the late 80s.This strain goes beyond the grapefruit types before it, pushing new boundaries of flavor and taste minus the worry of over doing it! Tasty, Fresh, fruit flavoured buds of extremely moreish joy. And don’t forget, Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Grapefruit Juice isn’t a concentrate which means this great taste could be yours without having it being too weighty. Instead, this variety continues to be specifically bred to become light, calm, and mellow; the most perfect blend of flavor and taste without causing you to be mullered. Dynamic & Refreshing, how much more can probably be said?

  10. Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Red Grapefruit mixes mouth watering grapefruit taste with extra juicy pieces of sugared frosted calyxes of fruit. Again much like the Orange and Grapefruit types, it features a strong reputation of great taste and top quality however this particular one is potent, intense and robust – a global renowned favourite identical to the grapefruit original strain from the late 80s. This strain goes beyond the grapefruit varieties prior to it, pushing new boundaries of taste, flavour and strength. Such as the strain above but this time around more reddish hue and full of appearance, flavour and effectiveness mixed with thc frosted glands, this offers the fresh, tasty, fruit tasting buds of extremely moreish delight and pleasure! However with this particular one should you fancy to, you can go overboard. Bred to become among the stronger and larger types of our fruit of the forest range, so in case you want the tastes and want to get spannered, in that case, this one particular is for you personally. An authentic connoisseur’s choice.

  11. Tropical Fruit. Another revolutionary strain with undertones of apple, banana and mango, lifted with overtones of pineapple, grape and coconut; a genuine cocktail of gratification! Producing probably the most sweet and flavoursome buds on the planet. Generates a light, uplifting, cerebral high similar to most of the Cropi-Canna range and again similar to most of this range not very heavy either. It certainly can’t abandon you stuck in your armchair debating inside your mind’s eye the conclusion of history, or illuminate your awareness to the understanding that a number of of us are all God but God minus the knowledge and knowing of our own true potential; nevertheless, rather provides you with clarity of sight while focusing as if to free your mind to comply with no matter what it is you adore to pursue, or maybe more importantly, whichever it is you aspire to conquer šŸ™‚ Another truly royal and diplomatic strain. Fresh, appetizing, fruit flavoured buds of extremely moreish delight and pleasure! Bred to become a large producer and additionally a heavy weight – dances just like a butterfly but minus the sting of the bee.

  12. We’ve unified the prosperous qualities of Chronic along with a formidable medical original White Widow. The effect is a selection with a great production and a rather short flowering period preserving the new and floral flavor that reminds us of the best weed in Dutch Coffee-shops. In cases where we could be preaching about wine it could be the greatest one.

  13. FOG: the term of the strain is a nickname that symbolizes Fruit Of The Gods. Harry was due to think of a good name for this strain we’ve been calling only X for nearly 1 year. Then through the Cannabis Cup 2006 Harry invented the name FOG after exhaling a huge water pipe hit and recognizing the heavy cloud of smoke that emitted from his mouth. Everyone lounging around our expo table started to laugh. Then we proclaimed the newest name for the strain which in turn we dub FOG.