Albany Smokes Como’s Marijuana Bill

Albany Smokes Como's Marijuana Bill

The continental divide, that is the differences in political views of the lawmakers in Albany have proven to be an obstacle, for which neither party could overcome in the waning days of New York’s legislative session.

Late night Gov. Cuomo harvested his marijuana proposal. It would appear that the democrats, whom for the most part run New York’s state assembly, populated primarily by the city’s many minorities, thought the marijuana proposal to decriminalize the open possession of a personal amount of marijuana sounded reasonable.

However the other side of the aisle summed it up as: ‘they were telling them that they could go around smoking pot in public.’ Yet, nothing would be farther from the truth. This bill would have simply prohibited the police from stopping someone and asking them to empty their pockets, only to arrest them once they have their stash on public display, based on their request.

The proposal dried up and died, amidst arguments amongst fat backed, weak spined Republican senators in a flailing attempted to put the final screws in some unfinished coffins before the close of the legislative session. As the Republican senators are the only one facing re-elections this year, and they have consistently declined to address several issues that the Democrats have championed in the Assembly.

You have the governor of the state, the speaker of the Assembly, the mayor of the city, the police commissioner, all five D.A.’s from the city,” said Harry G. Levine, a sociologist at Queens College who has studied the city’s marijuana arrest practices. “It seemed like if this many powerful people said they wanted X, which wasn’t that big a deal, it should be possible to do it.