Alright 420 World Election Day Is Upon Us

Alright 420 World Election Day Is Upon Us

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.
— Charles Bukowski

Alright 420 world Election Day 2012 is upon us, with the unparalleled number of states and local municipalities voting on pot-related initiatives… It’s now just a waiting game, fingers crossed, encouraged for a future free of marijuana prohibition.

Below is a overview of the Pro marijuana voter initiatives on the ballots today, Tuesday, November 6.

If you live in one of the battleground states or cities with a marijuana related ballot issue, be sure to check back and let us know whether you faced opposition in your local polling place.

Colorado – Amendment 64
This initiative aims to regulate marijuana like alcohol – a commonsense solution that would remove civil and criminal penalties for adults possessing up to an ounce of cannabis. If voters approve Amendment 64, adults will also be allowed to grow their own – up to six plants in an enclosed space.

Washington – Initiative 502
This initiative would remove state criminal and civil penalties associated with pot possession. It would also regulate marijuana production and distribution via the liquor control board. If passed, wholesale and retail marijuana sales would be subject to a 25% tax. The initiative would also amend DUI laws to include a maximum threshold for THC blood concentration.

Oregon – Measure 80
The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act is a citizen’s initiative aimed at regulating marijuana and restoring industrial hemp. The measure would not only eliminate spending on cannabis-related law enforcement but has the potential to generate over $140 million annually by taxing legal pot sales to adults.

Arkansas – Medical Marijuana Initiative
This initiative would allow sick and dying Arkansans access to medical marijuana for serious debilitating conditions. Cannabis would be available for purchase through a regulated not-for-profit dispensary.

Massachusetts – Medical Marijuana Initiative (Question 3)
Voting “yes” on question 3 helps ensure patients with serious medical conditions in Massachusetts have access to medical marijuana. If passed, the initiative will eliminate criminal penalties related to medical pot and create a limited number of non-profit treatment centers regulated by the state Department of Public Health.

Montana – Medical Marijuana Veto Referendum
Initiative Referendum No. 124 would essentially repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2004. If rejected, Montana’s medical pot program would be restored.

Detroit, Michigan – Proposal M
Proposal M seeks to decriminalize marijuana in the city of Detroit, essentially removing all penalties for possession for adults over the age of 21 in possession of an ounce of pot or less.

Flint, Michigan – Decriminalization
This decrim initiative would remove penalties for those age 19 or older possessing up to an ounce of marijuana or pot paraphernalia in the city of Flint.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Proposal 2
Proposal 2 would make marijuana-related infractions subject to civil penalties. Violators would be fined but the fine would be waived if the defendant can prove their status as a medical cannabis patient.

Ypsilanti, Michigan – LLEP
If passed, Ypsilanti’s LLEP Question would make pot possession the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.