Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnesia Haze Seeds
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Amnesia Haze Info

PLANT TYPE20% Indica 80% Sativa
THCUp to 21%
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS21 to 25 oz per 3x3ft

Amnesia Haze Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

The ultra-modern Amnesia Haze! Amnesia Haze picked up 1st place in 2004 by the High Times Cannabis Cup; and it recently has gotten much better since. Higher THC levels, more dense nuggets, plus a finishing duration of only 10 weeks. Having a powerful odor and unforgettable flavor, the Amnesia Haze will place you right into a dream world for a long time. Lustrous haze nuggets presented by the underground of Amsterdam. A euphoric and psychedelic sativa which will kick you just like an indica.

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  1. Our Skunk #1 pheno mixed together with our prize winning Amnesia haze was continually planning to turn into a winner.That unmistakable Amnesia flavor together with the power and durability of Skunk #1.The dominant high is unquestionably sativa, but astonishingly, the Amnesia Lemon features a flowering cycle of merely 9 to 10 weeks. The plant will likely be taking off vigorously from seed and requires minimum grow time just before its flowering phase commences. The plant develops medium high, and generates long strong colas, giving a definite lemon flavor and taste, with the uplifting and cerebral high.

  2. After a period of winning several cups and remaining #1 in the coffeeshop of The netherlands, the breeder of Amnesia has established its feminized version. Amnesia is an invention by a Dutch breeder. This strain is incredibly productive and contains a strong effect. It’s the cross of a Haze along with a Northern Lights plus a best seller, almost each single year, in every single coffee shop in Holland. It’s renowned as being a sativa that grows just like an indica, very successful, strong effect and of controllable height. It tastes such as a sweet sativa, sweeter than the most of Haze hybrids, having a brutal quantity of crystal resin. It requires high levels of Ec and light to offer its best. Those interested in the best quality, they like growing it organically. We highly recommend to treat it with respect, it’s overwhelmingly effective and you’ve got to become careful by using it, given it could potentially cause blackouts.

  3. Hy-Pro Seeds presents Amnesia Haze which gives off an extremely strong effect and exhuberant high. It’s cannabis seeds flowers indoors at 3 months having an indoor yield of 400 – 450 Gr/m2. And outdoors Amnesia may take 3 meters tall according to the vegetative period. Recipient of many cannabis awards. Among the best sativas around the globe!

  4. If there’s ever been a real favorite between growers and smokers it would require to be the G13 X Amnesia haze. Large yields in relatively short flowering periods of the very best haze money can purchase. Stunning sativa smells and taste which is simply addicting, G13 X Amnesia Haze has already been a success taking 2nd prize for Haze-Hydro during the 08′ Highlife Cup in the Netherlands.

  5. East Coast befriends Europe! Sour Diesel, among the most notorious strains belonging to the USA teams up with just one of Hollands most finest, the very first southern Holland Amnesia cut. Beyond doubt, the breakfast for champions.

  6. Royal Dutch Genetics proudly introduce Royal Dutch Amnesia. This feminized cannabis seed from the Royal Dutch Genetics seedbank is a cross between Afghan Hawaiian and South East Asia. As an immediate ancestor from the infamous Amnesia Haze, Royal Dutch Amnesia has both prominent Indica/ Sativa traits however is widely regarded as Indica dominant. RDG Amnesia has a very prestigious lineage as can be seen, and therefore is an absolute bargain for what you are purchasing.

  7. Amnesia Haze from the Soma Seedbank is an excellent Sativa cannabis strain. This pure sativa seed will make a great addition to any souvenir collection.

  8. The top Green Haze, chosen because of its excellent balance amongst the greatest Colombia-Thai expressions of the Haze collection, has become pollinated by a selected Meao Thai male. A genuine rarity to be appreciated by the Thai Haze lovers. Bushy Sativa, firmer and manageable than other MeaoThai x Tropical Sativa mixes. Incensely together with old lumber notes. Old skool sativa taste. Very mental, introspective and psychedelic, without any tolerance limits. Specially appropriate for outdoor growing in tropical and subtropical climates.

  9. Ace Seeds created Green Haze X Chitral by combining a potent landrace Kush from Pakistan with one of their best Green Haze mothers for an exceptionally stable hybrid. This new cannabis seed is potent, resinous and fragrant! Green Haze X Chitral is known for an uplifting, happy effect and a complex aroma filled with notes of wood, forest fruit and exotic incense. Very old-school, this Indica/Sativa hybrid is the pure definition of fantastic old-school weed!

  10. Oldtimer’s Haze by ACE Seeds still keeps the genetic diverseness that several present Haze lines have already lost.

  11. A genuine rarity to be relished by the Thai Haze lovers. Tall and gangling Sativa, it may show an irregular branching. Incensey with tropical mature fruit, citrus, woody and blackberry liqueurnotes. Old skool sativa flavor. Crazy and psychedelic, without having tolerance limits. Especially recommended for outdoor growing in tropical and subtropical climates.

  12. Advanced Seeds Haze Mist is a cross of Haze and the famed White Widow.

  13. Senegal Haze F1 serves as a powerful sativa strain founded on the especially psychoactive Pure Senegal Sativa out of the Cassamanca Growing Region. A Clean vibrant high coupled with potent psychoactive Phoenix Haze illustrates African hybrid vigour. Senegal Haze grows swiftly & a brief veg of ten days is sufficient. Its a very high THC plant which includes a strong taste. Indoors in Northern Hemisphere it completes around 90 + days of 12/12 flowering & achieve an estimated height of 4-5 feet. A Classy indulgence for the senses to savour.

  14. To develop Ultra Lemon Haze we crossed the Cannabis Cup recipient Lemon Haze together with a select Sour Diesel created in northern California. This was thus crossed along with our Auto # 1 to deliver a secure strain which is absolutely extraordinary. These genetics and the completed strain have indeed designed something extremely unique which has established it among our favorites. The flavor is of sharp citrus, pink grapefruit and also lemons, whilst maintaining the fuel like undertones from the Sour Diesel. The Super Lemon Haze happened to be a numerous cup winner for great cause and these traits have brought through into Ultra Lemon Haze. Sativa dominant, the buds are dense and lengthy with regular sativa shape shade leaves. The smoke is remarkable and the stone definitely psychedelic having an excellent harmony between a physical body buzz and rising cerebral high.

    Ultra Lemon Haze might be grown properly both outdoors and in, but indoors needs a really good level of management and control to obtain the best results. Average height would be 60-70cm indoor yet some phenotypes can easily expand up to 80cms + whenever grown outdoors in ideal conditions. Resulting from the dominance from the Sativa genetics and the lower proportion of Ruderalis this isn’t a standard autoflowering variety. For maximum psychoactivity and ideal yield (THC content), 90 + days are recommended. Indoors, additional attention must be taken. As opposed to various other autos the very best photoperiod for Ultra Lemon Haze is just about 12-16 hours. It is also best to swap from vegetative nutrition to flowering nutrition at week 5/6 to ensure the best crop. Outdoors, Ultra Lemon Haze might be planted from very early March to the start of July yet the flowering period will never ever be lower than 60 days. The added attention and time needed for Ultra Lemon Haze will deliver superior rewards and will abandon you prefering to make this a regular addition to your grow.

  15. Cannabis Cup 2006 & 2007 Winner. The G13 legend thrives on using this type of remarkable G13 cross developed by the world renowned G13 and our absolute favorite Hawaiian Sativa. Stays short with regard to a mostly sativa plant and possesses amazing density of flower structure with hefty resin production suitable for SOG & ScrOG gardens. The result is cerebral yet strong along with a flavor of fruit and spice.

  16. Cannabis Cup & Sativa Cup Recipient 2008. Our friends in Brazil happen to be raving at us in regards to a special strain of sativa cannabis – native to Brazil. After much cajoling and tracking, we have got our mits on a few seeds. Thus began a 3 year choices procedure. Infusing not one other genetics, backcrossing picked plants with strong genetics within the same line to attain the desired phenotypes stabilized. We were in journey of something unique, with power, volume and eclectic taste and flavor. Finally just two phenotypes were selected to do business with. Hardy plants, – disease and mold resistant, and most notably the power, taste and flavor truly are unique. The high has without a doubt a feeling of utopia, durable cerebral and heavenly.

  17. A particularly compact Sativa variety which includes a classic skunky smell and flavor. The Skunk father dominates solely in fast maturation, high yields and standard vigor. A whopping crystal producer which is extremely potent having a trippy cerebral high.

  18. ACE Seeds’ Bangi Haze is a sativa hybrid. Its name derives from the Nepalese incense fragrance. A hundred percent sativa is always suitable of a spot in any souvenir seed collection.

  19. You have to love Buddha Haze! Having acquired what exactly is undoubtedly the #1 haze trimming in Holland, the world-famous Amnesia Haze (generally known as Super Silver and G-13 haze), we knew we got something exclusive. As opposed to just feminizing to itself, we crossed it into a reversed Manga Rosa. The Manga Rosa was accumulated by our friends in Spain, it’s thought to be a genuine ‘Spiritual Sativa’ strain, received from north-east Brazil. The Buddha Haze Feminized comes with a remarkable tropical tasty fruity haze which is highly unique.

  20. Speed Haze does what what it says on the tin in more ways than one. Its flowering period is very short for a sativa strain and the effect is speedy. A mix of Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer, this starin has an excllent genetic heritage and will produce tall plants with long buds. Tha aroma has pine scents and peppery notes and the flavour is very smooth.

  21. My personal favorite from the chem family Giesel (Mass Super Skunk x Chem D) does the wild thing with ACE’s amazing Bangi Haze (African x Nepali). Having a fuely, funky, kitchen spices and herbs fragrance, and potent invigorating high, this hybrid shines outside and inside, has nice yields while offering up a distinctive mixture of oily terpenes. Landrace spirit coupled with a Chemdawg bottom end. It is soul food for your mind.

  22. Northern Lights #5 crossed with Haze. Large growing plants with big leaves and light green buds along with an Incredibly sweet aroma. Clean, cerebral buzz from the pure sativa.

  23. Leshaze is a intricate crossbreed of excellent stock, the mother, from Lesothoin mountains 2000 mts high. The father, a Skunk/Haze with Dutch roots.