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This Ananda Hemp Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Ananda Hemp Products. Ananda Hemp leverages its expertise on genetics, agriculture, and production to develop high-quality CBD products.

Ananda Hemp Review

Ananda Hemp’s central claim to fame is their focus on cultivating strains that contain high levels of exotic cannabinoids like THCV, CBC, and CBDV. As research progresses, these lesser-known cannabinoids will likely burst into the limelight. Ananda Hemp is a real OG in the industry and was instrumental in helping to pass the 2014 Farm Bill. As one of the top CBD vendors in the world that can genuinely tout a ‘seed to sale’ way of doing business, we wholeheartedly recommend our readers give Ananda a try.

Prepare to be blissed out once you hear what’s going on with the CBD oil at Ananda Hemp. Their parent company (Ecofibre, Ltd.) owns the most extensive private cannabis seed bank in the world, with 300+ cultivars from nearly every continent. Ananda Hemp imports these seeds and then passes them on to generational Kentucky farmers for contract growing.

AH seeks to fill an unusually intriguing niche; they ultimately want to be the primary source for lesser known, more exotic cannabinoids such as THCV, CBC, and CBDV. As research progresses, individuals with specific ailments will inevitably come to desire one cannabinoid over another, based on what the data shows will treat them the best. When this time comes, those that have the foresight to grow these unique cannabinoids will be in a very desirable position. Ananda Hemp claims that sourcing cultivars from the Himalayas, SE Asia, and India is pivotal in helping them to this end. We love forward thinking like this; huge kudos to Ananda!

Ananda Hemp talks about the current model embraced by the pharmaceutical industry of designing single molecules for single targets. They make an excellent point in illustrating how vendors that sell CBD isolate are more or less perpetuating the same problem that exists in mainstream medicine. We couldn’t agree with this sentiment more, and applaud the individuals at Ananda Hemp for being so awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Ananda Hemp gets an A+ on the safety front. They post both cannabinoid profiles and contaminants tests for pesticides, residual solvents, microbials, and heavy metals for each of their SKUs. Not only do you know these products are safe, you know you’re actually getting what you pay for.

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As far as the CBD products themselves, Ananda Hemp offers top-of-the-line CBD oil tinctures, CBD gelcaps, CBD topicals, and CBD for pets, all with beautifully complex cannabinoid profiles. These are all categorically full or broad spectrum, and the ingredients are fantastic: 100% natural, organic (not all, but many), and zero synthetics.

It’s a perfect score for the folks at Ananda. The quality of their CBD hemp flower extract (significantly more cannabinoids than stalks and stems) is stellar, their testing protocols exemplary. We look forward to seeing more innovative strides made by this exciting and highly influential vendor.

Bottom Line – You simply can’t go wrong with Ananda Hemp. They’re a CBD vendor that’s got it going on in all areas and a true industry leader.

Ananda Hemp Review August 2022

Ananda Hemp leverages its expertise on genetics, agriculture, and production to develop high-quality CBD products.

  • Ananda Hemp is one of the subsidiaries of Ecofibre Ltd., one of the largest and oldest hemp development companies in the world.
  • The company also employs the first medical professional to earn a Ph. D. in cannabinoid studies, as its Chief Science Officer.
  • Ananda Hemp thoroughly tests its products via third-party testing labs and publishes the complete results on its website.

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Company Analysis

Ananda Hemp is one of the subsidiaries of Ecofibre Ltd., one of the largest and oldest hemp development companies in the world.

Ananda Hemp takes seeds produced by Ecofibre and cultivates them, with the help of local eighth-generation farmers, in the fertile soils of Kentucky.

The company also employs Dr. Alex Capano, the first person to earn a Ph. D. in cannabinoid studies as its Chief Science Officer. She acts as Ananda Hemp’s principal investigator in clinical research and trials.

By taking this hands-on approach, the company provides its customers with a genuine seed-to-shelf experience that assures the quality of the products.

Recommended for Optimizing Wellness

Ananda Hemp’s products are recommended for customers looking to take advantage of the myriad of potential health benefits that CBD has to offer.

Source of Hemp

Ananda Hemp sources its hemp from Kentucky, under the guidance of the state’s Department of Agriculture.

Popular Products

The brand’s most popular products are the CBD-Rich Body Salve (125mg), CBD-Rich Softgels (15mg), and Ananda Touch – Bliss Intimate Oil (250mg).

Types Sold

The brand offers full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. The full-spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC, well under the FDA limit of 0.3%.

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Hence, Ananda Hemp assures its customers that they are not going to experience any “high” from its full-spectrum products.

The broad-spectrum products are best suited for customers who do not want to consume any amount of THC.

Range of Products/Forms

Ananda Hemp offers tinctures, topicals, capsules, and pet products.


Ananda Hemp’s prices range from $23.95 for a 25g jar of CBD-Rich Body Salve (125mg) to $190 for a 30ml bottle of CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Oil tincture.

Extraction Method

Ananda Hemp uses the ethanol extraction method in extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant.

Lab Testing Transparency

Ananda Hemp employs third-party USA laboratories to test its raw materials and end products for any physical, microbial, or chemical contaminants. The results for these lab tests are available on their website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

Each jar of Ananda Hemp CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Oil tincture contains 600mg of total CBD, according to its product page.


Each jar of Ananda Hemp CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Oil tincture contains 19.816mg/g of CBD, according to the certificate of analysis (COA).

THC Range of Products % (less than 0.3% – nonpsychoactive)

Based on its COA from third-party laboratories, the THC level for CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Oil tincture is 0.075%, which is lower than the FDA limit of 0.3% .


All Ananda Hemp products are unflavored.

Lab Testing Availability

The laboratory test results for Ananda Hemp’s products can be found on its website.

Tincture Carrier Oil

Ananda Hemp’s tinctures are made with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil as the carrier oil.

Lab Results

The latest test results show that the CBD concentration for Ananda Hemp products is above the amount reported on the label. There are no contaminants present in the product.

Price Range

Ananda Hemp’s prices range from $23.95 for a 25g jar of CBD-Rich Body Salve (125mg) to $190 for a 30ml bottle of CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Oil tincture.

As of this writing, the brand houses less than 15 products.

Shipping and Delivery

Ananda Hemp s hips within the US and other countries, except in Asia.


Ananda Hemp offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


No contaminants were detected in Ananda Hemp products according to the brand’s published lab test results.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

All Ananda Hemp products are gluten-free, but only the oil tinctures are vegan.

Refund Policy

Customers can return their items within 30 days of order delivery. Ananda Hemp notes that customers are to shoulder return shipping costs.

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Customer Service

Email Ananda Hemp at [email protected] or call them at (833) 791-2511

Country Served

Ananda Hemp serves the USA and other countries, except Asian countries.


Pros Cons
Seed-to-shelf operation Limited product range
Commitment to transparency and quality Not certified organic yet
No artificial flavoring or sweetener No additional flavor options
Ships to the US and internationally, except in Asia Lack of readily available details on shipping process
30-day money-back guarantee No free shipping
Available online and in retail stores nationwide

Pros of the Company

  • Ananda Hemp provides a genuine seed-to-shelf operation through its mother company, Ecofibre Ltd.
  • The company shows its commitment to quality and transparency by providing extensive lab testing information on their products.
  • Ananda Hemp products are made from all-natural ingredients, with no artificial flavoring or sweetener added.
  • Ananda Hemp can ship to all 50 US states and territories and internationally, except for countries in Asia.
  • Customers can purchase Ananda Hemp products through the company’s website or select CBD retail stores nationwide.

Cons of the Company

  • Ananda Hemp’s offering is limited to less than 15 products.
  • There are no flavored options for the CBD tinctures to help mask the hemp’s natural grassy taste for taste-sensitive consumers.
  • The company website does not include information on Ananda Hemp’s shipping process.
  • Ananda Hemp does not offer free shipping.

Review of Ananda Hemp CBD-Rich Body Salve

One of Ananda Hemp’s best selling products is the CBD-Rich Body Salve, featuring 125mg of full-spectrum CBD oil combined with essential oils, shea coconut, and other healing herbs.

This healing cream claims to help heal aching muscles while soothing and moisturizing the skin.

Some research suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties, which might help in soothing muscles from a strenuous workout without compromising the muscles’ recovery time [1] .

Besides sore muscles, some studies suggest that CBD has potential in effectively moisturizing skin, helping reduce itch and skin dryness [2] .

Aside from their consumer CBD products, Ananda Hemp recently launched Ananda Professional – a professional-grade CBD product line designed for independent pharmacies and other licensed health professionals.


Ananda Hemp’s hands-on approach in production and its commitment to transparency solidifies its credibility in creating top-of-the-line CBD products for its consumers.

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