Anesia Seeds Review

Anesia Seeds Review

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We are producing the finest Cannabis seeds from award winning and rare strains around the world. Our seeds are produced with the highest standards on every step of the process. We have developed our own professional breeding methods to bring the best quality in Cannabis genetics to growers. We are famous for creating the highest THC-strains and varieties with great cannabinoid profiles. The Anesia strains produce consistently outstanding results. Our multi-generation breeding program distinguishes us as breeders who take the time to do things right.

3 thoughts on “Anesia Seeds Review”

  1. This Ice Queen by Kulu Seeds. There isn’t an excessive amount else known other than to the breeders themselves at this moment.

  2. Considerable frost and potency Kromes “The White” is among the most consistantly trichome covered plants currently on the market. It’s solid, lethal potent, and possesses a warm tart hashy flavor. The Snow Lotus male might be my present-day main man, he just will not dispose off a undesirable hybrid, he’s the star child of Afgooey in addition to a x19 Leaning Blockhead male (no sweetooth traits found) and lets the female qualities pass through inside a cross while uping the dimensions, frost, and potency. It is a new line which is currently in testing. They are limited pre release packs.

  3. We’re feeling really satisfied with this crossing. 1024 combines production, taste, presence and is the ideal plant. It’s entirely adapted to each growing system (coco, organic, hydroponics). If conditions are ideal it could be over 23% THC. Defining its taste is not easy; it combines different tastes, all at the same time (sweet, spicy, fruity). Down the road you will hear much talk of it.