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are cannabis seeds legal in uk

Are cannabis seeds legal in uk

For third time offenders, you will be arrested and the court will impose their sentence and this is likely to end up on your criminal record.

What about medical marijuana?

Medical cannabis is only available in pharmaceutical or synthetic forms. A patient can get a prescription for Nabilone, which is a synthetic cannabinoid used for neuropathic pain. The other drug that is available is called Sativex which is available in the UK but it is quite pricey.

Are cannabis seeds legal in uk

The UK’s Cannabis Trade Association (CTA), an umbrella organisation for all sorts of cannabis related businesses in the UK, has been informing its members that they should stop selling all raw cannabis flower/bud. This includes some well known, established brands which sell whole and crushed flower, including teas etc.

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For the time being, though, it seems unlikely that the UK will move to decriminalise the use or possession of small amounts of cannabis.

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Having been involved in pharmaceutical and other research I know that Applied Research, when sponsored by companies, can be skewed towards profit making.

It’s illegal to possess or sell cannabis in the UK. However, cannabis law reform is happening, albeit slowly. Medicinal cannabis use was legalised in 2018 and CBD is now available to buy. Despite the fact that cultivation is illegal, the UK remains the world’s largest exporter of medicinal grade cannabis, and is the largest illegal exporter too.

UK cannabis social clubs

Having just ripped down my meds after a heads up my neighbour has grassed me up I really do wonder.

The UK’s cannabis social clubs are largely inspired by Spain’s trailblazing clubs, which provided members with a safe environment in which to cultivate and use cannabis, whilst knowing exactly what strain it was, and how potent.