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are heat lamps good for growing weed

The other bulb you’re talking about is a heater. This is a bulb that emits zero light, just heat. If you want tight internodes you don’t want your temps to waver more then ten degrees during night and day so you use the heater during the night cycle to regulate the temps. They make them in 60w 150w and 250w

One is a uv light that emits actual light you can see. Barley see but you can see it. That is what produces more trichs in a plant and people use them in veg and flower to promote resin glands.

Both screw into an Edison "regular" light socket.

Both are used in reptile cages one to give them actual heat to make them more active and the other with UV rays is for there health. Where reptiles exist in nature is where there is more UV light. Like a desert climate.

Are heat lamps good for growing weed

I would suggest transplanting them into their larger pots now. A 5 gallon pot with only one plant per/pot is the best for soil grows. The plant will use the entire 5 gallons of volume for it’s root system. This will enable it to grow without fear of becoming root bound.

Nature gives one for one with the Male/Female seeds. Because of advanced methods used in producing seeds now, it seems that I get more females than males these days. If you germinate 10 seeds, you can expect at least a few males, maybe as many as half. Look at it this way; if no male seeds were given off by the plants, they would cease to exist.

If enough florescent lights of the right type are used, they work very well for the vegging cycle. A Halide would work better, but also cost more to operate and produce more heat which would have to be dealt with. HPS works best for flowering, with no exceptions. Each light has a rating for the number of "Lumens" it produces. To grow MJ at it’s optimum, between 3000 and 6000 lumens per/sq/ft of plant canopy is needed regardless of the type of light.

A heat lamp is produced to emit as much infrared light as possible. That’s why it’s a heat lamp. Excess infrared hurts marijuana. That’s why you should not use them.

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If you’re talking about a heat lamp like is used to heat up a bathroom, then you’re hurting your plants with that thing.

Tell us what type of grow you have going. Container size, nutrients, type of soil.

Have you read anything about growing pot yet?

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You can use a simple florescent shop light for the vegg cycle of your plant. For 12 plants, (several will be males prob), you’ll need more light.

For your nutes, I would suggest using "Fox Farms" nutes. Lot’s of dirt growers on this site prefer them and have excellent results using them. They are made specifically for growing MJ. Cow crap is good for corn, but lacks a lot of the necessary nutrients that MJ needs to thrive as well as possible.