Arguments In Favor Of Smoking Weed

Arguments In Favor Of Smoking Weed

Anyone who has been suffering from nagging pain and discomfort associated with malignancy would feel strongly for legalization of marijuana. Beverly McClain, who is undergoing treatment for late stage breast cancer says, “My stomach will be off, and I just feel tired and disoriented, and I feel completely out of sorts. That’s where marijuana comes in and saves the day.” She wants marijuana to be legalized in New York for medical purposes as she is getting cure with the smoking weed effects.

The New York assembly has passed a medical marijuana bill for the fourth time. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is negotiating with the law makers to regulate the medical marijuana programs. Certain medical experts have expressed their concerns about the legalization of marijuana due to the limited availability of its effectiveness. However, the lion share of the doctors voted in favor of marijuana for treatment of severe ailments like cancer, ADD, ADHD, MS.
Dr. Stanley Glick, an addiction expert at the Albany medical center said, “For someone for whom it works, I don’t see any point in depriving them of that benefit.”

Way back in 1999, Institute of Medicine had reported that smoking weed had been an effective solution for pain, nausea and loss of appetite. Research studies also reaffirm that marijuana can lessen the muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. It can also alleviate the symptoms of spinal cord injuries, HIV and those suffering from nausea and vomiting after undergoing chemotherapy. Nurses, who work closely with the patients support for the cause of patients strongly recommend for the legalization of marijuana.

Ellen Brickman, who works as a nurse in Albany Medical Center for the past 35 years said, “You see someone who is just wasting and becoming skin and bone and suffering, and wants to eat. And you see something that will help them. You want to give it to them.”

However, the medical fraternity is divided in their opinion and it aroused due to a number of reasons including its risks that may lead to anxiety and paranoia. The Medical Society of New York does not want to hand over the decisions to the legislature. They say that FDA should be participated in the matter concerning whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Since FDA conducts many clinical trials before its use, the results will be more authentic.

Dr. Charles Argoff, who is in charge of the Comprehensive Pain Center, said, “Why should we allow a substance to be widely used for medical purposes without going through the same channels?”

The smoking weed effects can bring in some relief for those suffering from debilitating situations and New York is waiting for the Act to be passed after the fourth bill.