As Colorado and Washington Fire Up Hash Sales, SAM Founder Calls Dabbing a Death Sentence.

As Colorado and Washington Fire Up Hash Sales, SAM Founder Calls Dabbing a Death Sentence.

“If marijuana “dabbing” is “the way the industry is going,” we’re in a whole lot of trouble. Dabbing is deadly.” ~ Kevin Sabet — Founder SAM

While stoners in both states prepare for long lines, queuing up to purchase state sanctioned recreational marijuana, some are none too pleased with a warm reception marijuana concentrates are now receiving.

As time flies and the popularity of marijuana extracts sores –BHO finds itself under the microscope of scrutiny, thanks to the likes of Kevin Sabet – and his misguided Army of reprobates at SAM. Some within the medical marijuana community regard marijuana extracts as a lifesaver, a massive leap forward in marijuana Darwinism. Others like Kevin Sabet, criticize it. Claiming that the elevated potential dangers involved in both making BHO and smoking concentrates represents a real threat to America’s youths.

Currently – it is widely believed that BHO boasts a higher concentration of THC in addition to other cannabinoids and is therefore much stronger than traditional water-based hash. Yet, many question the validity of this assumption.

Welcome Colorado’s essential extracts owner Selecta Nikka T. who believes that “it’s such a new phenomena that we really don’t have enough data to show that BHO is getting higher test results… or if there are any additional dangers connected to it,” Selecta prefers “the solvent-less technique, because we retain terpenes a lot easier than most solvents would, and I don’t have to worry about anything being left over in my product.”

Regardless of the technique utilized in creating your marijuana concentrates, whether you’re utilizing butane hash oil, or the ice water extraction method… SAM and Kevin Sabet are none too pleased with the direction America is headed. Towards freedom and self-determination where fear mongering douche bags like himself rot in obscurity.