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autoflowering cannabis seeds review

Autoflowering cannabis seeds review

We all need that sometimes.

Zkittlez is one of the most THC-heavy autoflower strains around, registering at 23% THC in most cases. At 70% indica and 30% sativa, it’s one of the more indica-dominant auto seeds on this list.

5. Northern Lights – Best for Mental Health

This particular strain has won multiple awards, including the High Times Jamaican World Cup. That’s because, in addition to having quite the kick, autoflower cannabis seeds growers can grow this indoors or outdoors easily. It’s resistant to mold and mildew, and doesn’t require light manipulation in order to bud.

Here are the 10 best autoflowering strains you’ll find online!

9. Zkittlez – Best Auto Seeds for Sensitive Smokers

That doesn’t mean that all the strains are equally good, though. There are dozens to choose from, and given that it can take weeks to grow something you can smoke, buying the wrong strain can be quite the buzzkill indeed.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds review

Autoflowering plants don’t rely on the amount of light available each day to enter the flowering stage. This independence means you can harvest outdoor-grown mature buds several times a year. How do you do it?

This smaller size makes autoflowering cannabis plants suitable for growing in confined spaces , such as a closet or on your balcony. Their compact size also makes it easier to look after. It’s simple – if your plant grows past six feet and you can’t see the top of it, it will be harder to manage. Autos, however, rarely exceed four feet, so it is easy to trim, train, or otherwise care for them during the different stages of their growth.

If you live in an area where the climate can change rather quickly, or you aren’t too particular about maintaining the ideal growing conditions for cannabis, then opt for autoflowering strains since these are more forgiving when conditions aren’t exactly right.

What Does “Autoflowering” Mean?

Let’s face it. While legalization has made growing cannabis easier, not everyone is pro-pot. Even in legalized areas, you still need to practice discretion . Autoflowering seeds are the best way to achieve this.

Autoflowering cannabis plants grow quickly and flower a lot faster than their photoperiod counterparts do. For example, some autoflowers can flower in as little as 3 weeks to 30 days after the seed is planted, while many photoperiod varieties take months before they transition into the flowering stage from the vegetative growth phase. If you want the fastest harvest, autoflowering varieties are your surest bet.

However, if you are mostly interested in the high that cannabis can provide, autoflowers are still a good choice since many varieties offer high THC content (in addition to CBD).

Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds combine the genetics of sativa, indica (or hybrids of them) with cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is a variety very few people know about because it is naturally smaller, with smaller buds that produce very little to no THC.

Autoflowering seeds tend to grow more quickly than indica and sativa strains, with some strains ready for harvest in as few as two months.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds review

While the seed bank offers guaranteed delivery, it charges separately for it.

The seed bank’s customer service seems to be lacking, though. They are slow in answering customers’ queries, which can be a bummer if you want your issues tackled quickly.

You’ll have to dig deeper in your pockets for guaranteed shipping, though.

What We Don’t Like

How Do Seed Banks Work in the USA?

Don’t worry – we’ve done the heavy lifting, for you.

If you’re seeking a marijuana seed bank that ticks most of the right boxes, then I Love Growing Marijuana might not disappoint. They stock different types of marijuana seed options – from autoflowering to feminized and regular.

The thing is, you don’t have to provide any identifying info when opening (and operating) a bitcoin wallet. So, while third parties can monitor your transactions in the blockchain ledger, they can’t verify your identity.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Any State?

What We Don’t Like

While it’s illegal to smuggle seeds into the US (which explains why customs will likely intercept these if they find them), you can get high-quality seeds with the “right practices.”