Azarius Seedbank Review

Azarius Seedbank Review

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Azarius began as an information-base about ephedra and ephedrine. It originally began as a hobby project and quickly evolved into the premier place to purchase Ephedra Supercaps. It quickly grew to become one of the very first online smartshops and is now based in Holland. As the company began to grow, they hired more staff and are now one of the most widely used web-shops in the world. Azarius has its own product lines: Xtenzion, Shroomshaker, Smart Choice and Secret Garden of Herbs and Seeds. They now employ 20 people and even have a physical store located in the heart of Amsterdam. Azarius sells over 1000 products online and is the one of the premier places for herbal supplements, as well as many other products. Azarius offers a wealth of information about products on the site. They offer Energy supplements, psychedelics, Aphrodisiacs and relaxation aids in their smart shop and the site is divided into several different sections for ease of navigation. Explored below is each section and what it provides for the consumer.

The Azaruis Smart Shop

The first stop at the smartshop is for energy supplements. Azarius offers a variety of these, ranging from herbal to Happy Caps. There are pill supplements in the form of Crazy Jacks, MDNX Nitro Ecstasy. These are typically very easy to use and have instructions in the product descriptions. Prices are very reasonable for each of these products, making them a feasible purchase for many different consumers of all walks of life. Natural energy supplements are offered in the form of several popular herbs. Betel Nut, Galangal, Ginseng, Gotu Kola and even Guarana are offered cheaply. Each of these herbs will of course provide a slightly different energizing effect. The best part is that all herbs are priced affordably.

The smartshop also sells a variety of psychedelics. Everything from Peyote, Salvia divinorum, Ayahuasca and Kratom can be found in this section. Each item comes in different quantities, making it easier to try out for those first-timers and even easier for an aficionado to order bulk quantities. Continuing the psychedelic products offered, there are also a variety of Magic Mushrooms for sale at Azarius. Sclerotia Atlantis, Sclerotia Galindoi and even Sclerotia “Mexican A.” are readily available for purchase.

There are also sections in the smartshop for relaxation supplements, as well as herbal extracts and dried herbs. Those looking for an aphrodisiac can also turn to the smartshop for their needs. Lastly, those customers looking to wear the Azarius brand on their clothing and gain access to other fun items can purchase T-Shirts and music CDs to be sent along with their product orders. There really are a wealth of items offered and every one of them are priced to sell.

The Azarius Headshop

The headshop is what exactly you would expect, except that there are far more products than you would find at your local location. Smoking pipes, bongs and grinders can be purchased here. There are a wide variety of scales and other smoking accessories to be had as well. The scales all range in quality and size, with the smallest one being about the size of a smartphone and can fit into your pocket. Lighters, zip bags, blunts and papers are just a handful of the many great smoking accessories for sale at Azarius. The headshop at Azarius also offers items made from hemp. Sold here are hemp oils for body care, hemp candy for those curious folks who have a craving for a snack and even clothing items like hats, wallets and backpacks. The clothing is all very attractive and seems well-made.

Azarius’ Seedshop

The seedshop offers a huge selection of cannabis seeds for those who are seeking to grow their own plants. There are many autoflowering seeds available and everything offered on the site has been feminized, meaning that the vast majority of seeds found in each of the packages will be female. Some of the varieties of seeds include: Kushdee, Warlock, Turbo Jack, Big Buddha, Dutch Passion, Nirvana, Sensi Seeds, Sjamaan, Paradise and Greenhouse Mixpacks. Each of these have several sub-varieties available and are offered for prices that simply cannot be beaten anywhere else on the internet.

There are also many books available on the site that help customers learn how to grow their own plants, as well as guides to places like Amsterdam. There are books that teach the customer everything they need to know about cannabis, psychedelics, mushrooms and synthetics. With this wealth of information, there is no wonder that many customers seeking natural remedies have chosen Azarius as their one-stop shop for all things herbal. The site even has a section dedicated to health remedies and drug testing aides.

Customer Service and Ease of Use at Azarius

As for the customer service aspect of Azarius, it seems to be top-notch. There is contact information listed in case a potential customer needs to ask a question. There is also a section with a detailed FAQ for those who don’t understand how to navigate or find what they need. Azarius contains a link to specials being offered and has a section for customer experiences.

The site itself is very easy to navigate. There are clear pictures and explanations of every item to help the customer. Every shred of the website is made to be convenient for the user and there are no difficulties accessing any of the pages. Credit cards are readily accepted and it seems as if the developers of the Azarius site know what they were doing when they created it. The interface is fast and has zero lag. The servers seem to be top-notch and the overall experience surfing was positive. The website itself has a sleek, modern appearance and there are even links to share pages with others through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

It looks as if Azarius cares about its customers and goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. The returns process is straightforward and well-explained and there is even an encyclopedia of terms associated with the side for further help in choosing products. It’s no wonder that Azarius is as successful as it claims to be. As long as they keep up what they are already doing, they should become even bigger than they already are in a relatively short time.


  • The shopping experience seems very straightforward
  • The user interface is flawless, making the website run lightning-fast
  • Everything is explained in plain text and there are plenty of pictures
  • The web address and company name are simple and easy to remember
  • Most products are inexpensive and there is a wide selection to choose from
  • There are contact links and a forum for users who might need to ask questions
  • Each section is perfectly organized and the aesthetics of the site are “cutting-edge”


  • The large selection might confuse those who are new to the site
  • Some energy supplements are a little pricey
  • There is no C.O.D. option for customers who do not want to share credit card information
  • There is a section on the site devoted to auctions, but this isn’t advertised plainly. With more and more people looking for special deals, this could be an integral part of the business if they choose to promote it.

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