Aztech Review

Aztech Review

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Harnessing the knowledge gained from a 20 year interest in the cannabis plant and sensing a general shift in attitudes towards cannabis approaching the Aztech Smoke Shop was born.

We aim to provide quality products, outstanding genetics via our FREE seeds with every order promise. Aztech Smoke Shop also aims to share a wide range of information on various topics related to this beneficial herb.

3 thoughts on “Aztech Review”

  1. Perplex is a tremendously homogenous variety, meaning it really is difficult to identify a harvest of seed plant buds from a crop of clone buds. Indications of Grapefruit, over other underlying fruity odor.

  2. A smaller sized plant, darker colored, with only some of the most potent flavor and aroma you’ll find. This one particular is everybody’s favorite! God Bud has become grown by others and also won the 04′ Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

  3. Samsara Thunder Bloody Mary has the best properties of an excellent Mazar mother that are grown in this strain with autoflowering pattern.This plant has even shorter cultivation period thanks to its rebreeding between Mazar and White Dwarf. Samsara Thunder Bloody Mary is an example how surprising nature can be. Indoor growth with 20/4 photoperiod.