B.O.G. Seeds Review

B.O.G. Seeds Review

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BushyOlderGrower lives in a cave somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Growing indoors for 30 years since before the invention of HID lighting. Known as the Bubblegum Guru because of the love for this sweet strain Bogglegum and Bogbubble are hardy bubblegum variations that have been selected for hardiness, yield and quality of the bud. Better than average yields with shorter than normal flowering times make these a good choice for both commercial and personal stash growers.

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  1. Four Way Specials contains Sativa, Indica, Skunk, Ruderalis. It’s quite basic to clone and is resistant to a large percentage of diseases. Well-balanced effect and taste.

  2. The Cinderella 99 is X-mas come early on, absolutely white all around. This beautiful girl features dense and greasy buds all the way through. Backcrossing her frequently has generated this ultimate Sativa strain once more in seed form, the C-99, otherwise known as the Holy Grail. Buds and foliage will probably be covered in trichomes. Pistils are ball sized, not your usual ‘candles’. Very dense, compact buds in a sativa-dominant plant with hardly any leaves on top of that, rendering her effortless to manicure. The aroma can be identified as a tropical fruity one; a pleasant mellow fresh and fruity flowery sensation. There may be variation in smell and flavour (3 phenos), coming from a pineapple, grapefruit, to more floral fruity smell. Perfect for scrogging along with a mind-blowing psycho-active high which will make you smiling.

  3. Combining together the soaring motivational high of Apollo-13 with the musty Grape flavour of Querkle w