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bacio gelato seeds

Bacio gelato seeds

Genotype: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Cross: Bacio Gelato x 3 Kings BHB
Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering: 60-67 days
Indoor yield: 450-550 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time: Mid-October
Outdoor yield: 3000-4000 g/plant
Outdoor height: 3-4 m
THC: 20-25%
CBD: 0.1%

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San Bacio Gelato Lineage / Genealogy

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RaoulUnSplift – 30.07.2021

A strain full of life
Versatile, strong and homogeneous
Highly active and dense growth supported by aggressive lateral branching. Stronger feeding regimes are recommended though the plant is modest in the consumption of nitrogen to maintain its dark green expression. Great for both arid and humid climates thanks to high climatic versatility. Plants don’t need an overwhelming amount of support but at least one layer of trellis is recommended to assist in final budding stages. Manicuring fan leaves from primary layers of the canopy will create deeper light penetration. Encouraged for the 1st, 3rd and 6th week of the flowering period. Minimal pruning in secondary and third layers of the canopy is necessary as bud sites maintain substantial development to the bottom of the stem. 6-9 plants per sq. meter are recommended to maximize canopy space. Outdoors, single cage support is sufficient though thinning of fan leaves is required for better penetration of light in later flowering stages.

From Sherbinskis the legendary California breeder, San Bacio Gelato is a must-have California Icon. The plant shows hardy and vigorous vegetative growth while maintaining a more compact structure supported by Indica-dominant fan leaves. Strong and prominent lateral branching creates very even bud development. Dense bud formation results in great flower production into secondary and third layers of canopy. Plants are highly resinous during the final weeks of the flowering period. The extremely complex terpene profile is expressed by sharp berry tones with cinnamon and spicy black pepper, accompanied by lemon peel and earthy pinewood undernotes. An absolute must for any collection from one of the most legendary breeders in the California cannabis industry.

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San Bacio Gelato by Humboldt Seed Organization is the renewal of one of the most iconic and celebrated strains in the California and now global cannabis market. The famous, highly-guarded and uncirculated elite clone Bacio Gelato x 3 Kings Blueberry Headband.

This strain is definitely one of the most special ones resulting from this collab. Having the chance to work with the original Gelato is beyond the means of most people. However, if you are lucky enough to work with one of the men behind her creation, it’s way easier. The breeding process of San Bacio Gelato started out with one of Sherbinski’s most highly-guarded original clones of Gelato, and the result couldn’t but take our breath away.

Exactly like her predecessor, San Bacio Gelato is a compact Indica with strong and prominent lateral branching. Expect huge thick nugs like the ones appearing on social media every day, with the extraordinary thickness and terpene profile unique to U.S. cannabis hybrids. The remarkable resin yield of the last weeks allows for a mind-blowing hard-hitting buzz.

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