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bad azz kush seeds

Bad Ass Kush is a heavy, resinous cannabis strain, tested at 24% THC and 1.1% CBD. This is a very dank, fuel-smelling plant with undertones of forest fruits that has a knock out effect. This strain produces big buds with an amazingly heavy yield. Growing to between 120 – 170 cm. and producing yields of 700 gr/m 2 she will finish in 8 weeks flowering (7 weeks with a little help if you are lucky) but she needs to be pruned during the vegetative stage and she can stretch quite a bit in bloom so ensure that there is sufficient space and headroom. Outdoors harvest will be during the second half of September in the northern hemisphere.

Bad Azz OG is a Kush strain which comes from pre-’98 lineage Los Angeles. Our friends from Nectar sector deliveries asked the rapper to endorse it with his name attached to this potent Kush. Bad Azz – from Snoop Dogg’s entourage known as the Dogg Pound. The Original OG was crossed with an Afghan Kush and thereafter the result was crossed again with Urkel to produce this wonderful marijuana strain.

A powerfully relaxing strain that can cause some couch-lock especially in those not used to it.

Bad azz kush seeds

Los Angeles is the stronghold of US cannabis culture and the birthplace of Bad Azz Kush. Breeders from L.A. developed this bud by crossing Original OG, Afghan Kush and Urkel. Bad Azz Kush needs a flowering time of 55-60 days to yield up to 700g/m². It was named after West Coast rap artist Bad Azz, friend of Barney’s Farm and member of DPGC (Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips). Pure Indica & badass buds!

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The flowering period spans between 55-60 days The CBD content is around 1.1%, which is a nice amount. We are not sure if you can handle the following information. Get ready; here it comes. The THC content of Bad Azz Kush is 24%. We know, you’re jumping around the room with excitement; cool yourself, and continue reading.

Bad Azz Kush: 100% Indica Strain with up to 24% in THC!

With its forest fruit aromas, soaring THC levels, and purist genes, this dank-tastic strain has definitely earned its black belt in ganja perfection. Want to become a badass? Grow Bad Azz Kush.