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bagota berry seeds

Bagota berry seeds

True, you have to be patient. The germination of strawberry seeds is not always happy with the expected result. Seeds germinate for a very long time, or they may not sprout at all. The sprouts that have appeared will also cause a lot of trouble. They are so fragile and small in size that you can only take them with tweezers. And the rules of watering must be observed very strictly.

Planting strawberry seeds for seedlings , video:

Caring for germinating seeds and strawberry seedlings involves several main aspects. You can familiarize yourself with them by examining the table.

Dates of sowing seeds for seedlings

For disinfection, it is enough to ignite the ground from the garden in the oven or fill it with a solution of potassium permanganate. To obtain a friable consistency, the earth can be mixed with sand, peat, humus in 1 part. Next, the soil is placed in a shallow container for seedlings, on the bottom of which drainage is preliminarily laid. Summer residents with experience recommend planting seeds in separate seedling cups. This will avoid picking seedlings, which inevitably leads to root injuries.

Bagota berry seeds

There are the following potting mixes suitable for growing strawberry bushes:

It takes about two months for strawberry seeds to grow into seedlings ready to be planted outdoors. This operation is usually performed in early June, and in warm years – at the end of May. Thus, taking into account the preparatory period, the optimal time to start sowing is the second half of February – early March.

It is not worth feeding young and only sprouted seedlings, since the plant takes all the nutrients from the soil. That’s when the real five leaves appear, you can gradually accustom the plant to daily watering with fertilizers.

The transfer of seedlings to the garden is carried out two months after sowing. During this time, the plants should grow and get stronger. It is best to transplant around the end of May.

Growing Secrets Video

So, if you plan on getting healthy and robust seedlings, don’t use the first strawberry seeds that come along. There are several proven, so to speak, options, we will consider each of them in more detail.

Then watering is carried out with a room sprayer. Peat tablets can also be used for sowing.

Fertilize in the spring like this:

When to start planting seeds

Gray rot is also common. In this case, brown spots are formed. A measure of prevention against such a disease is the timely removal of weeds, as well as the use of lime or ash.

If possible, plant several varieties on the site. Highlight the items you like over time.

Bagota berry seeds

Strawberry from seeds most often grown through seedlings. At the same time use:

Change of strawberry seedlings to open soil is possible after the appearance of 4-6 leaves and increasing the trunk to 5 cm. Landing time for Middle strip – From the middle to the end of May. Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare seedlings and take care of the state of the soil.

Cutting frigo seedlings

Council. For transplanting, it is desirable to choose a cloudy day or evening.

Pre-sowing seed treatment

Note! Strawberry does not like picking, therefore, as an option, you can immediately have sowing in spacious containers without a further transplant.

The soil for strawberry seedlings must contain a minimum of 2% humus. The optimal substrate for seedlings is a peat mixture with mineral additives. As a rule, such a composition has a reddish color. Options for soil mixtures for cooking at home:

As for experience, optimal deadlines Sowing strawberry seeds to seedlings are February-March.

Diseases and pests of seedlings

This Council applies to all seeds having tiny sizes.

Experienced gardeners plant bushes berries different schemes. Beginner dachensons are better to choose an ordinary way in one or two rows. At the same time, it is desirable to adhere to the following distances: