Banana Kush Seeds

Banana Kush Seeds
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Banana Kush Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 27%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Banana Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Orange tastes of a single thing – Oranges. Having a strong reputation of great flavor and quality: mature, sophisticated and well-balanced – globally renowned favorite identical to the orange bud as well as the California orange strains belonging to the past. This strain goes beyond the orange varieties prior to it, pressing new boundaries of taste and flavor minus the worry of going overboard! Fresh, scrumptious, fruit flavoured buds of very moreish delight and pleasure! Simillar to the tone of our own delicious Orange but would want to liven it up with an extra sprinkle of strawberry and increase of banana flavors? Then Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Orange Strawberry Banana is designed for you. Nice tasting and high quality: sweet, potent and robust – set in becoming globally renowned. However this particular one should you wish to, you may exceed it Bred to become among the many stronger plus much more productive types of the fruit from the forest range therefore if you want the tastes and prefer to get canistered and deranged in that case this one is available for you. Sweet but potent, robust and high yielding, this particular one ticks all of the boxes.

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  1. ACE Seeds presents Pakistan Chitral Kush. It’s a 100% indica strain and possesses genetics of a landrace/inbred line.

  2. Kush and South African Sativa crossbreed. The average Indica buds plant having a larger production due to its Sativa’s influence bigger size. It’s a fast flowering variety and it has an earlier harvest outdoors, right at the end of September. It’s a mildew resistant plant and possesses a citrus and strawberry scent. It features a Sativa’s kind large foliage but in addition has thick buds and a great resin production.

  3. HTCC Indica award recipient 09′. This all-star kush strain was mixed with our Alegria male to improve yield as well as to provide her vigour and stalk size . This is for a connoisseurs collector. The smell and taste is a league of its very own. She is a breeze to grow and gives real dank buds.The smell is petroleum with candy/lemon like undertones.

  4. Alphakronik Genes new Kush combination Sin City Kush is the primary offering by means of Las Vegas Purple Kush cutting they received in 2006. The intention of this cross would be to challenge the low to mid-sized yield of the Las Vegas Purple Kush with a tad of heft belonging to the Snowdawg BX father, while keeping the lilac sweetness which is the trademark scent with the LV Purple Kush. The results when smoked vary from unmoveable to couch locked and perplexed. Don’t anticipate to complete many tasks when medicated with this hybrid.

  5. Auto Blue Kush is the latest strain coming from this all auto seed company. AUTOFEM are the most current in Spanish seed companies currently generating cannabis seeds and they’ve got a one of a kind formula for success. Blue Kush goes from germinated seed to totally ripe bud in 65 days which is only 9 weeks. There isn’t a necessity for the lights being discussed as they are completely stable auto flowering plants. Blue Kush is best suited for 18-20 hours of light however when it involves auto’s it’s great to locate what fits you best.

  6. Belonging to the Afghani/Pakistani mountain areas. 8-Ball is the end result of several years of selective inbreeding. Quite simple to cultivate and manicure and an excellent producer even under undesirable conditions. 8-Ball stays short and it has broad dark green leaves with dense buds forming on thick stems. The smoke features a musky earthy flavour. Well suited for SOG & ScrOG gardens.

  7. Vanilla Kush is the winner of the prestigious 2009 Cannabis Cup. This truly is amidst the most powerful strains ever provided by Barney’s Farm, it possesses a beautiful smell along with a terrific body for the smoke. The powerful citrus scent is coupled with an outrageous vanilla and lavender aroma that when smoked grows more intense, a really wonderful flavor, which inturn provides a continuous and complete body and mind chill out.

  8. This large-producing Indica-dominant plant develops short having thick stems, huge leaves, and bushy growth. Buds tend to be heavy and should be staked for support. The finished plants exhibit remarkable densities of trichomes. The effect is couch cuddling relaxation. Grows short along with nicely developed side branches.

  9. A simple to cultivate plant that’s perhaps one of the most popular. It’s of medium height and generates quality yields. Extremely strong scent and smoke. Take special care for scent control when cultivating near neighbors. A fantastic potent physical effect and debatably one of the most robust plants known at the moment.

  10. Chem Valley Kush is the name(Chem D x SFV OGK V.II) – It is a sick hybrid from 2 of the greatest strains that is known in Cali’s opinon. United as 1, they may be unstoppable. Cali Connection has been working this version for upwards of 1 year now used an f3 male which was a pungent lil bastard with strong evident lemon pledge stench like his mom SFV OG kush, the chem d clone solely was glad to fulfill this new guy no doubt. This hybrid will adore and perform splendid with super cropping , LST, or any other methods of training. Flowering periods 8-10 weeks; yields fluctuate.

  11. Corleone Kush regular Seeds via the Cali Connection Seed Bank, is known as a strain for the masses, named by THE masses. The strain is branded because of its unparalleled power and lives up to it’s standing. This regular marijuana seedis definitely the positive outcome of a Pre 89 Bubba cut plus the infamous SFV OGK F4 cross, resulting in a ‘Don’ of a strain. It requires to be documented this cannabis seed exhibits predominantly Indica components and is recognized by the lemon-like incense scent it is renown for.

  12. Tahoe OG Kush marijuana seeds symbolize the cream of this here United States west coast marijuana genetics. By crossing a superior grade OG Kush clone with a different quality OG Kush from outside the San Fernando Valley, Cali Connection came up with a fistful of of the most potent cannabis available. This stable strain posseses an overwhelming lemony diesel fragrance which supplies you a small trial of what’s in the future. Ignite away and cease working, smoking Tahoe OG Kush marijuana is really a confirmed rocket trip.

    Tahoe OG Kush is pretty simple to grow, just be certain she receives an abundance of light. Bud formation is lustrous, both centrally and along the weighty lateral branching. Tahoe OG Kush will answer well to SCROG and ultra cropping techniques. And although 10 weeks might appear like a stretch of time to wait, in case you have more space and time obtainable then permit this to bad boy veg for a tad longer. There is no way you will be disappointed.

    To sum up, Tahoe OG Kush seeds produce a cannabis strain which is nearly the finest thing to emerge from the states since the cheeseburger; an overwhelming cannabis strain that performs in every single department.

  13. This is the second back cross in our SFV OG Kush line. You should expect some great looking plants in this batch. You will get a solid yeilding plant that will flower in 8 weeks. The longer the flower time the better the end result will be, with a heavy lemon pinesol smell. An extremely good comparison via seed to the mother.

  14. HERE IS WHERE ALL OF THE MAJIK HAPPENED! Kush has formed a glorious come-back.This pure indica strain featuring its roots in India and Afghanistan, grows hard nuggets in a short compact plant. It possesses a specific herbal hashish flavor along with a comfortable buzz. Kush is a speedy flowering plant and incredibly simple to grow.

  15. ChemWreck Kush Seeds by the Connoisseur Seedbank will be a Trainwreck, OG Kush and Chemdog D combination. This marijuana seeds strain contains the tropical lime/citrus of our own Trainwreck/OG Kush female combined with the kushy/chemmy funk of our own Chemdog male, a potency and assortment of complex flavours guaranteed to impress including the hardest to win over marijuana seed collector.

  16. The double kush is a mixture of Th seeds Kushage and our Afghan male.The kushage is a pheno type that leaned heavily in direction of its kush side. The hairs were a lot more orange than pink. Since the male we used pounds on the mass. It is a heavy strain which will appreciate a SOG style setup as well as the yield explodes when its fed using a hydro system. A comprehensively enjoyable smoke with extremely pleasant results. The Double Kush usually takes a whopping feeding around an EC of 2 on the highest point through the feed cycle. The plant grows similar to a bush and will not stretch. It could be kept below 1 meter tall. A nicely enjoyed strain to include in any compassion club list.