Barney’s Farm Review

Barney's Farm Review

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Barney’s Farm seeds has been collecting and conserving cannabis strains from across the globe for 30 years. These strains have allowed them to create their own Barney’s femenized and Barney’s regular seeds, which are the very finest cannabis seeds available today. Barney’s Farm is a world leader that provides stability and consistency in their cannabis seeds as well as their superior genetics. Barney’s Farm actively searches for rare cannabis genetics and are devoted to the development of new and exciting cannabis strains.

5 thoughts on “Barney’s Farm Review”

  1. Everything I have ever grown from barneys Farm has turned out Great. Pineapple Chunk is the top IMO.

  2. Undergrounds Originals “Old Times BX” is extremely limited and hard to get hold of! This baby probably produces the most powerful/strongest and more importantly most potent plants from seeds that Undergrounds Originals have ever released. Old Times is mostly sativa and it’s genetics come from ES x ESB x Blueberry. These plants flower between 8-10 weeks and the THC level is very high. Old Times is a truly unique old school sativa dominant hybrid.

  3. After years of working with the Romulan strain we are proud to present the Next Generation of Romulan. More size, better appearance, same great knock-out stone. This Romulan is faster growing and larger structured than its original predecessor. Grows great in a greenhouse. Nice dense buds indoors or outdoors.

  4. A fresh skunk mix to a Californian plant, having a berry fragrance, uplifting high, simple to grow and comes with a real vigor. Great for closet garden. Bushy plant with a strong structure. Nice crystal production. Perfect for closet & homebox garden.

  5. GreenHouse’s most popular auto cannabis strains, Green-O-Matic and Big Bang Autoflowering have been blended to perfection to give us Greenhouse’s Premier Strain Auto Bomb. With potential production times of  7 weeks! this is sure to be one of this years award winners.