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bbs seeds

In Bioleaching, although it is already prove that chalcopyrite can be dissolved by microorganisms, a major task is to do it efficiently in economical terms at industrial scale. BioSigma Bioleaching Seeds (BBS) represents a biotechnological breakthrough for the production of bioleaching solutions on demand with high concentrations of biomining microorganisms. This innovation is mainly a product based on the encapsulation of BioSigma bioleaching microorganisms in a natural matrix of alginate. This technology gives the following operational advantages: 1. High concentration of inoculum. 2. Long period of inoculum storage (more than 1 year). 3. Reduction of volume and costs of transport of bioleaching solutions. 4. Homogeneous mineral inoculation; uniform inoculation of the ore using solid capsules. 5. Protection against toxic elements to retain the viability and activity of the bioleaching solutions. 6. Addition of additives for incorporation of nutrients or other molecules that enhance the activity. 7. Encapsulation of different bioleaching microorganisms producing specific “bioleaching seeds” for each biohydrometallurgical process. All the above advantages make this new technology a very attractive alternative to enhance bioleaching processes at on site operations and overcome stressful conditions for biomining microorganisms.

Bbs seeds

As a decentralized social network, every post on BBS will be minted into an NFT for better value transfer, and BBS will also leverage an NFT Bidding Model, which enables anyone to purchase the ad space real-estate of any post (NFT) across the network at transparent prices.

Eyal Hertzog, Founder and CEO of BBS, said: “ The mission of BBS Network is to return control of content and its economic upside back into the hands of social media users. We are excited to cooperate with Binance Labs to further decentralize the reach of SocialFi, the next great frontier for blockchain. The investment will enable us to focus on building and launching new features such as Native App, Search Engine, and Cross-BBS Authentication. ”

Ken Li, Investment Director of Binance Labs, said: “ Our team has been deeply exploring the Web 3.0 SocialFi landscape, and we are excited by what decentralization can do for the creator economy, as well as billions of daily social media users. ”

Binance Labs, the Venture Capital Arm and Incubator of Binance, into the Gaming and Developing

The investment will be mainly used to build and launch new features such as Native App, Search Engine, and Cross-BBS Authentication.

In line with the communications strategy, BBS developed content for industry and mainstream media that has placed Pacific Seeds as a major voice of the agriculture industry on a state and national level.

After several years operating under the Advanta Seeds brand, Pacific Seeds returned to its original name and sought support from BBS to provide proactive internal and external communication, including media relations and brand communication.

This strong position as an industry leader was further reinforced through the creation of the Pacific Seeds podcast. BBS led the podcast concept development, project management and recording process, including the use of BBS’ in-house media producer to deliver the podcast series – Behind the Seed. The series was identified as not only an opportunity to deliver branded content to existing customers and industry members, but also as a way to humanise complex agricultural practices to an audience entirely outside of the industry.

BBS’ work also extended to company-wide activities during the brand transition and also major corporate milestones including leadership changes and a legal case involving parent company.