BC Bud Depot Review

BC Bud Depot Review

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The BC Bud Depot produces the world’s best marijuana seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at reasonable prices. You can order securely online by credit card or with cash or money order payments by mail. We take pride in developing award-winning cannabis seeds and offering the most comprehensive marijuana seed bank worldwide. The BC Bud Depot has been developing the best marijuana seeds for years and every strain we carry has earned a place in our lineup of legendary breeds. Check out some of our most famous Cannabis Cup winning marijuana seeds.

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  1. The C’99 is the holy grail from the cannabis strains. As she is exactly like the taste and the high of an impressive sweet landrace sativa, which typically takes six months to flower. However the C99 flowers in 7 – 8 weeks. In addition to that the buds are very sugared. This brand new batch is a combination of two outstanding basic pheno types, the Grapefruit and the Pineapple. Each produced from the original Brothers Grimm C99. It develops in 4 weeks from seed, which can be considerably faster than the original C99. Just one not to miss out on!

  2. Pipi by Pyramid Feminized Seeds is a wonderful South African strain. This variety gets it genetics from the legendary “Power Plant” and “White Widow” strains.

  3. Wembley by Pyramid Feminized Seeds. This is an extremely unique variety for Pyramid. This strain originates from the famous AK-47 and Bubble Gum.