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best cannabis grow lights 2021

Best cannabis grow lights 2021

LED grow lights are an artificial light source. They are generally electric lights designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light appropriate for photosynthesis. The primary benefits of LED over the more traditional light sources are that they significantly reduce heat and power consumption.

LED Grow Light Buyers’s Guide

This LED grow light has a unique supplemental UVB mode, which is essential to develop a higher potency harvest. Besides, the UVB bulbs are typically turned on during the final few weeks or finishing phase at the growth cycle to boost the potency of the last harvest.



Best cannabis grow lights 2021

There is a limited range of quality small LED grow lights in the 50 watt to 150 watt range for small grow spaces of 2ft x 2ft or 60cm x 60cm.

LED grow light PAR output

Best small grow light 2021 cost comparison

Grow light cost comparison

We show you an objective comparison of their PAR output (Photosynthetically Active Radiation, the light that plants use to grow). Each of the lights have been tested in their specified grow area and at their recommended or optimum hanging height. We have used a quantum sensor to take multiple PAR measurements across the grow area to calculate the average PAR intensity and usable PAR output of the fixture (the amount of PAR reaching the plant canopy with reflective walls).