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More than 25 trending marijuana seeds and clones comprise 2022’s latest, greatest takes on Wedding Cake, Kush Mints, GMO, OG Kush, and more. Discover the top 10 cannabis genetics companies to watch in 2022, and find out how you can grow the best cannabis from these seed breeders! Best Seed Banks 2022: Cannabis Seeds That Ship To USA It’s no news that the use of cannabis is common worldwide, and more governments are considering legalizing it due to its numerous health

The world’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in ‘22

Good news, America: The nation’s army of weed growers in 2022 is going to fire up hundreds of metric tons of the most explosively tasty, time-stoppingly beautiful bud ever conceived on planet Earth.

Pot law liberalization has triggered a Golden Age of cannabis genetics—putting the loudest, most diverse ganja aromas and effects at the fingertips of gardeners big and small.

Major nurseries like Dark Heart Nursery in Oakland, CA, hold strain openings like fashion shows for the $18.3 billion legal industry. Los Angeles’ Seed Junky Genetics sold $1,000 clones of Super Runtz at The Emerald Cup on Dec. 11—200 of them. Champion breeders like Exotic Genetix have released $900 seed packs with NFT art direct to a rabid fanbase. It all sells out—powering more than 2,278 metric tons of legal US pot production annually.

Leafly’s annual “Best cannabis seeds to grow” synthesizes the quantitative with the qualitative: We pair strain search and menu trend data with breeder interviews, and event and store reporting; plus, we smoke hundreds of flavors, and grow a few pounds.

Leafly News’ product picks are independent, and cannot be influenced by advertising. We’d love to fill our garden with these cultivars—the newest of the new and those re-mixed from the best of the present and past.

Get ready for all the Cakes, Mints, Cookies, Zkittlez, GMOs, and sativas you could spend a lifetime trimming. Whatever you smoke, now is the time to score some awesome seeds so you can pop them by spring, and have a pound laying around by Thanksgiving. This is Leafly’s Best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in ‘22.

Cake and Mints varietals for ‘22

Poddy Mouth

Best-selling Wedding Cake and Kush Mints cannabis families combine in Humboldt Seed Company’s filthy new Poddy Mouth, which is Humboldt Pound Cake x Mtn Top Mint.

Emerald Cup-winning Ridgeline Farms named and endorsed this outdoor-optimized exotic. It can test beyond 30% THC while looking bonkers and smelling like soft, sweet, minty fuel. Sheesh!

For ’22, Humboldt Seed Co. has 85 regular, feminized, autoflower, or combo seed products, from 45 strains, in six states. They’re emblematic of how West Coast breeders own the strain game, thanks to decades of experience, plus baseball field-sized farms to test out thousands of new varieties at once.

There are so many tasty mint and cake strains out there this year.

See also: Mint a pound with Tiki Madman’s mints crosses like Apple Fritter Bx or Gelatti Mints, available online; in California, get clones of Purple City Genetics’ Gush Mints crosses, or Hendrx Nursery’s Candy Chrome No. 5 (Runtz x The Menthol).

Contemporary GSC and Gelato strains

Cherry Cosmo

Strawberry, fuel, and cookies terpenes with a new level of exotic bling make Cherry Cosmo an early star of 2022. Highly regarded breeder Exotic Genetix has folded Cookies upon Cookies in his Baker’s Dozen strain (Milk & Cookies x Rainbow Chip). His Jan. 25 release of Baker’s Dozen crosses includes Cherry Cosmo (Red Pop x Baker’s Dozen), which promises an explosive, cosmic, indica-hybrid space trip.

Exotic Genetix’s breeder Mike (aka “Mr. Stimmy”) has a massive series of indoor grow rooms to experiment—constantly ratcheting up the definition of “Zaza.”

  • Stank House
  • Gas Basket
  • Purple Pineapple

“He throws away plants that other breeders would kill to have in their garden,” said seed seller Luscious Genetics, in a Leafly interview. “That level of discernment is superhuman. He just knows his shit.”

There’s so many phenomenal GSC genetics out there.

See also: Compound Genetics Exotic² (Red Pop x Apples & Bananas); Ethos Genetics’ End Game R2; Seed Junky Genetics’ Jealousy crosses, like Zealousy; or Cookies+Compound Genetics Lemonchello 28 x Jet Fuel Gelato seeds; Wyeast Farms’ line of creamy, sweet, spicy, cinnamon-tinged Horchata crosses; Capulator’s Booty Clapper; and Lovin In Her Eyes’ Spanish Moon S1.

Cookies+Compound Genetics serves piping hot seed packs in ’22. (Courtesy Cookies)

Zkittlez’s hottest progeny

Rainbow Belts 3.0

Grab some Cup-winning, hyper-giddy, candy-aisle terpenes for ‘22. Breeder Archive Seedbank has mastered the genetics of Rainbow Belts and Moonbow, and thus the future of Zkittlez flavors.

The smell? “Zkittlez plus limey, candied, petroleum-fumed dank,” Archive Seedbank stated in an email announcement.

The effect? Bright, neon flavor meets intense, face-melting, OG power.

“I’m always looking for that sweetness in the strains that I love to smoke,” said Ellen Holland, author of 2021 book “WEED: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis.” “I really like the zkittlez and that uplifting, bright, bergamot, fruity flavor that it brings to the crosses of zkittlez.”

Archive Seeds breeder Fletch knows the hash heads need resin, too. Rainbow Belts 3.0 seed packs contain “Dry, sandy resin phenotypes that are packed with Gobstopper, Blue Sour Patch, tropical Zkittlez overtones.”

Get your debit card ready. Rainbow Belts 3.0 (Rainbow Belts #20 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60) 12-packs of regular seeds go on sale Feb. 1 at Archive Seedbank and select sellers.


Tropical candy terps get even louder with Terphogz Geneticz cross of Z3 and Papaya—Zazaya. Lip-smacking, Hi-Chew flavor meets high-key glee in this next-level flower designed for hashmakers. Keep a close eye on these influential hash strain designers, as the broader market coasts on their wake, said Luscious Genetics co-owner David.

“Growers are looking at a plant and taking into consideration trichome head size and gland size because extraction is such a large portion of revenue,” he said. “The bigger the trichome, the thicker the stalks—they know it’s going to yield more extract.”

I mean, you stick with the Terphogz when you can. I do, anyways.

Ellen Holland, author, ‘WEED: A Connoisseur’s Guide’

“It’s going to be super-tasty—the smells going to be really intense on those ones—because they have so much more resin,” said Holland. “I mean, you stick with the Terphogz when you can. I do, anyways.”

The Terphogz team backcrossed the original Zkittlez with Hindu Kush to start their Z3 line—which includes Cakez (Z3 x Ice Cream Cake) and Grapefruit Zruntz (Zruntz x Grapefruitz). We’re hearing about feminized Terp Hogz seeds for spring ‘22.

See also: Masonic Seed Company’s Wilmint; Bloom Seeds’ Rainbow Guava; Clearwater Genetics + Tiki Madman project’s Devil Driver; and Swamp Boys Seeds’ Guava Now N Later (Now N Later x White91 x Guava Jelly).

Savory terps of today

Meat Breath crosses

Savory terps have gotten more acrid, funky, weird, and potent in 2022 to counterbalance all the sweet dessert strains. We’re here for it.

The modern savory terp movement has built a home base around GMO Cookies, OGKB, Mendo Breath, and their offspring.

“Anything GMO is going to get gigantic,” said Luscious Genetics.

Thug Pug Genetics breeder “Gromer” comes out of early retirement this winter with Meat Breath crosses, another successor to Peanut Butter Breath. Divisive and unforgettable, this is the modern analog to old-school Cheese or Cat Piss.

“There’s something intriguing about pungent odor, especially if it’s related to an existing bodily musk. We’re drawn to that,” said Luscious Genetics.

Humboldt Seed Co.’s Nat Pennington has come around to pungent garlic terps, he said. “It’s funny because I was resistant at first. Of course, you try GMO and you understand.”

“If you’re in that savory category, that’s gonna be probably stronger and more fuel forward and gassy,” said Holland.

Need more stank? See also: Humboldt Seed Company’s Garlic Budder (GMO x Fortune Cookies); Swamp Boy Seeds’ Maconga (White Uchem x GMO/TK Skunk); Archive Seedbank’s Show Time (NorCal Cat Piss x Dosidos); Rebel Grown’s Double OG Chem S1.

Super stellar sativas

Super Lemon Pupil

Enough with the dense, dark, sedative Cookies strains. Give us longer, lighter, brighter sativas, too, in ‘22.

Got a foggy garden? Sativas can be more mold-resistant and far more unique than the next version of Gelato, Holland said. “They don’t have as gigantic of buds and don’t get problems like mold on the inside you can’t even see, or a caterpillar crawling halfway through it.”

“If you’re going to grow it yourself it might be easier to start with something that has a more sativa-leaning profile,” Holland.

Mass Medical Strains is a proud, old-school sativa lover, and has proclaimed 2022 the #yearofthehaze. First in their string of releases: Super Lemon Pupil—a Franco Loja-selected cut of Super Lemon Haze crossed to Mass Medical’s Star Pupil.

Super Lemon Pupil buds get big but stay mold-resistant. (Courtesy Mass Medical Strains)

Lemon, lacquer, European haze, and citrus will perfume your grow room. It’s super zippy—with a very sharp and uplifting profile.

“The power of the Haze mixed with the vibe of the Pupil is simply perfection,” Mass Medical Strains wrote to Leafly. “Effects can border on psychedelic, inspiring new ways of thinking and enhanced perception and awareness.”

Ready for a spirit journey? Mass Medical also touts Thug Pug collaboration Anaphylaxis (PB Breath x Deadly Sativa). “If you are struggling with anxiety or depression this one might be best avoided, it could be tough to handle unless you feel ready for the intensity.”

Mass Medical Strains award-winning, powerful Anaphylaxis (PB Breath x Deadly Sativa) (Courtesy Mass Medical)

There’s way more landrace, or legacy, strain work out there. See also: Aww yeah, Hendrx Nursery’s Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Old Dave Skunk; Archive Seedbank’s Island Girl, combining Dosidos to a mix of Malawi, 95’ NL5, Haze F2, Sensi Star, and Molokai Frost; and Masonic Seeds’ Wilson the World landrace uses the hash-dumper strain Wilson to bulk up to Kishkak, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, or Saipan.

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Raspberry Parfait

Here’s a high-yield, farming-friendly, modern sativa for the hash heads. Raspberry Parfait is raspberry and vanilla yogurt-flavored yoga fuel. Humboldt Seed Co.’s unique sativa-dominant cross of Truffula Tree x Shiska Berry bursts with long sesquiterpenes, giving it extra-robust shelf life, and making for phenomenal extracts.

Humboldt Seed Co. did a Raspberry Parfait extract collaboration that they hope will take home an Emerald Cup in 2022. You can take home Raspberry Partfait seeds from California stores.

Starberry Cough

Our ‘22 motto is: “Smoke the weed you want to see in the world,” and man, we’ve missed Strawberry Cough.

Major clone seller Dark Heart Nursery agrees. This year they’re bringing out Starberry Cough—a Kyle Kushman-selected cross of the fruity euphoria of Strawberry Cough with the energizing rush of Stardawg.

The cross gives old school Cough some modern bling, terps, and yield, marrying the sweetness of strawberries with the gasoline of Chemdog. Dark Heart Nursery clones are available at licensed California retail stores.

OK—we’re leaving out some legendary breeders and essential new crosses, but we don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Look out for more 2022 Leafly seed guides focused on autoflowers and high-CBD strains, and heck, maybe even pure throwback nostalgia strains. (Anyone got some solid Blue Dream or Urkle cuts? Asking for a friend.)

Best Cannabis Seed Genetics

This 2022 is going to be an exciting year for cannabis genetics. Keep an eye on cannabis breeders like MrSoul of Brothers Grimm Seeds, Mel Frank and Todd McCormick of AG Seed Company, and also Purple City Genetics, led by breeder Cowboy. While Purple City Genetics is new to seed production, they have been working on their genetics for years. The best is yet to come this 2022.

Since there are hundreds of genetics companies, seed breeders and seed banks, it can be hard to know who has the best of the best. Fortunately, we’ve researched throughout the year to identify the most reliable and potent cannabis breeders. Then we curated a list of the top genetics companies and seed breeders to watch. When you work with their genetics, you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to grow something new in 2022, then consider cannabis seeds from Brother Mendel or Green Bodhi. For growers interested in legacy strains, consider cannabis genetics from Brothers Grimm Seeds or SubCool. In 2022, official SubCool seeds will finally become available again. SubCool unexpectedly passed away on February 2, 2020, and ever since his seeds have been extremely hard to find.

Brother Mendel is the only company listed below that offers autoflowers. No matter which seeds you choose to grow, you will not be disappointed with our list of top cannabis breeders. It’s a lush garden of exotics and designer genetics, so go ahead, discover the best cannabis genetics this 2022.

Top Cannabis Breeders and Genetics Companies in 2022

Grow the best genetics this 2022. Maybe you’ll grow Cinderella 99 or Grimm Glue from Brothers Grimm Seeds, or some autoflowers from Brother Mendel. You decide. Whatever you choose, be sure to grow high quality genetics. You’ll reap world class, best-in-class cannabis as a result. Having the best genetics is a game-changer. Those who know, know. If you don’t know yet, get ready to find out!

After you stack up on seed packs or bulk seeds, don’t forget other important cultivation supplies. For indoor commercial growers, there’s AiroClean420, and for home growers, there’s Airo Home Hobby. You can also review our grow room checklist. Lastly, we recommend learning about the different ways home growers can prevent powdery mildew, the archnemesis of cannabis plants.

Best Seed Banks 2022: Cannabis Seeds That Ship To USA

It’s no news that the use of cannabis is common worldwide, and more governments are considering legalizing it due to its numerous health benefits. Several studies and research institutions have found that most Americans support legalizing marijuana. The entire cannabis market is rapidly expanding as more countries legalize marijuana usage.

So, once you’ve done your research and know for sure it is legal to grow cannabis in your region, the next step is to buy the seeds from a reputable seed bank. For those who are unaware, seed banks are repositories where seeds are kept to preserve and propagate genetic variation.

Thus, online cannabis seed banks offer potential cannabis farmers the seeds they need to start cultivation. However, finding a reputable seed bank to purchase cannabis seeds from can be quite tricky.

Note that the high demand for marijuana seeds also comes with its downsides; hundreds of seed banks are in the market claiming to sell quality seeds. The issue, however, is that not all of these online stores offer high-quality cannabis seeds.

Not all suppliers provide good cannabis seeds that will grow and produce the high-quality flowers you need. Carefully considering the type of cannabis seed bank you invest in is vital in ensuring that your money doesn’t go to waste.

For example, most online seed banks don’t offer a germination guarantee, and this factor is essential in ensuring your money doesn’t go to waste. So, don’t know which of the several seed banks offer high-quality cannabis seeds online? Well, we can help with that!

This article will cover the five best seed banks to purchase cannabis seeds. Also, we’ll show you how we made our list and the factors to consider when choosing an online seed bank.

Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

  1. Seedsman – Overall Best Seeds Bank With Rich Marijuana Seeds Variety
  2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Guaranteed Delivery Of Best Weed Seeds
  3. The Vault – Top-Quality Weed Seed For Sale
  4. Ministry of Cannabis – Recommended Cannabis Seed Banks For Fast Delivery
  5. MSNL Seed Bank – Most Potent Weed Seeds Of USA

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Seedsman Overall Best Seeds Bank With Rich Marijuana Seeds Variety

If you are looking for quality cannabis strains, then Seedsman is another reputable brand to visit. Since its establishment in 2002, this marijuana seed bank has been one of the pioneers in the commercialization of CBD genetics and auto-flowering.

Seedsman is one of the big names in the cannabis industry, and is passionately dedicated to sharing the best in variety and genetics with millions of people. Their production team is made of innovators and experts from around the world who travel the globe in search of seeds, knowledge, expertise, and culture.

Over the years, this company has evolved to become one of the world’s leading seed banks, providing collectors with access to premium cannabis seeds from the world’s best breeders.

On a different note, there aren’t many seed banks that can match this one in terms of offering a wide range of high-quality strains. Over 50 different strains from over 30 different breeders are available at Seedsman, along with premium seeds.

Strain types you’ll find on this brand include Skunk Strains blueberry, kush, cheese, haze, white widow, and girl scout cookies.


Standard Quality Practices: Seedsman is one of the few reputable brands that prioritize using standard quality practices. Each cultivar on this brand is rigorously tested for growth, yield, and vitality. Seedsman’s team of experts also takes the time to check each cultivar’s chemical output and health benefits. Additionally, most breeders this brand partner with have decades of experience with breeding cannabis strains. Lastly, products from this brand adhere to the strictest standards to ensure that only the finest seeds are available for sale.

Active Cannabis Community: Seedsman offers a chat community where you can meet and connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. Here, you can share opinions, stories, and information with different collectors worldwide. You can join this community through their Discord channel or Reddit page. In addition, this brand organizes events like live streams, podcasts, and social clubs to keep you updated. Also, note that this brand is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Up-To-Date Newsletter: Seedsman never fails to ensure that all its customers have the most recent news, resources, and articles about cannabis. Sign-up for their newsletter to be the first to know about their upcoming freebies, contests, giveaway, sales, and other offers.

Loyalty Points: One of the reasons customers love this brand is because everything you do earns you loyalty points. Seedsman rewards you with points anytime you refer a friend, sign-up for their newsletter, buy products, and complete other actions.

  • 300+ quality cannabis strains
  • Multiple payment options
  • Offer return and refunds
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Fast shipping services
  • Discreet packaging
  • Offers free weed seed
  • Poor customer support
  • No free shipping

#2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Guaranteed Delivery Of Best Weed Seeds

ILGM is also one of the most reputable and largest seed stores to buy cannabis seeds. This UK-based store has been around since 2012 and is well-known for delivering high-quality seeds in a range of varieties. Plus, this company boasts of having 4000+ positive reviews and an average rating of 4.8

Regarding seed variety, ILGM offers 3000+ specialty seeds, which they collect from over 65 different trusted sperm banks worldwide. Some of their bestselling strains include super skunk, Durban poison, granddaddy purple, gorilla glue, and auto super mix.

Besides high-quality seeds, ILGM also prides itself in ensuring customers enjoy an enjoyable shopping experience. The official website is user-friendly, and the entire buying process is straightforward. Also, if you have any problems with your order, contact the customer support team, and you’ll receive help in no time.

Another advantage of choosing this brand is they offer free and fast shipping services. ILGM is one of the best online seed banks that ships to the USA for free and without hidden costs. Plus, orders usually arrive within ten business days.

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Multiple Payment Options: One of the reasons customers love this brand is that they accept multiple payment methods. ILGM is one of the few online seed banks allowing you to pay cash for your seeds. Also, this brand allows you to purchase your seeds using bank transfers, credit card payments, and money orders. However, note that some banks may block the transaction if you try to use your credit card to purchase cannabis seeds. This usually happens in regions where cannabis is illegal. Not to worry, ILGM also supports bitcoin payment if this happens.

Educative Blog: ILGM is also interested in helping you buy and understand how to use your cannabis seeds. This seed bank features a rich library of growing resources. Here, you can learn all you need to know about the marijuana growing cycle, nutrient requirements, uses, germination issues, and others. Also, if you are having trouble getting the most from your plants, this brand’s expert team is happy to help you.

Stealth Shipping: This seed bank also offers the right package for those who want to keep their cannabis cultivation hidden. ILGM discreetly delivers your package and guarantees that no one will know its content unless they open it.

Germination Guarantee: Seeds are natural products and are never completely reliable. Therefore, this brand has put in place a germination guarantee to ensure none of your investment goes to waste. First, this brand will provide you with a Germination Guide after making your purchase. However, if your seeds fail to sprout after following the guide, you can request a refund or seed replacement immediately. Nevertheless, note that the new seeds will be of the same strain as the ones that didn’t sprout.

  • Free standard shipping
  • Offers monthly deals and promos
  • Good customer service
  • Offers germination guarantee
  • Wide variety of seeds
  • User-friendly website
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Delivery with tracking costs $25
  • Seeds are priced a little higher

#3. The Vault Top-Quality Weed Seed For Sale

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store has been operating since 2012. It is well-known for delivering premium quality seeds to your door. Plus, this is one of the few online marijuana seed banks passionate about ensuring their customers are fully satisfied.

One of the main reasons we love this company is its unwavering commitment to quality. This company boasts of being one of the best places to get affordable, discounted, and premium weed seeds. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store only partners with reputable seed breeders across the USA and Europe.

Plus, this seed bank only works with breeders who satisfy their strict quality criteria. So, you can be sure that whatever seeds you purchase from this company will be a wonderful addition to your genetic collection. Additionally, this seed store offers stealth shipping to ensure that your purchases are protected.

It may also interest you to know that this company does more than just ship marijuana seeds. The Vault is also an active campaigner for the legalization and personal use of marijuana. This company is passionate about enlightening the world about the medical advantages of marijuana.


Wide Range of Cannabis Strains: The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store offers thousands of incredible strains from the world’s top breeders. There’s almost no cannabis strain you won’t find in this seed bank. Plus, this company is popular for offering some of the world’s most potent and rarest varieties. Cannabis seeds from this bank include feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medical, THC, and CBD strains.

Discount Cannabis Seeds: Another advantage of choosing this seed bank is that they offer premium seeds at affordable prices. It also offers discounts and special offers to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. For example, this company offers three free seeds with purchases over £75 and four free seeds with purchases over £100.

Outstanding Customer Support: The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store boasts of having one of the best customer services in the industry. This company’s customer service team goes the extra mile to ensure the needs of its customers are met without fail. Moreover, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is dedicated to offering more free seeds than any other seed bank on the market.

Affiliate Program: Beyond the discounts and freebies, another advantage of choosing this company is the opportunity to earn extra cash through their affiliate program. The earning process is super simple, and all you need to earn commissions is a website. If you have a website, get your affiliate link and promote the brand’s banner and text link. You’ll earn a commission for every customer you bring to the brand.

  • Offers discreet and secure shipping services
  • Offers a wide variety of marijuana strains
  • 100% secure payment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Offers international shipping
  • Offers high-quality free seeds
  • Free delivery only applies in the UK

#4. Ministry of Cannabis Recommended Cannabis Seed Banks For Fast Delivery

The Ministry of Cannabis is another top seed bank to get quality cannabis strains. This seed bank is based in Spain and has been on the market for over a decade. This company is on a mission to improve and maintain a continuous supply of classic cannabis strains.

One of the reasons this company is well-recognized in Europe is that they prioritize the delivery of fresh seeds. The Ministry of Cannabis rotates its seed stocks regularly to ensure only fresh cannabis seeds are supplied to customers.

This company supplies fresh marijuana seeds to both individual and professional growers. Additionally, they supply auto-flowering, CBD, and feminized seeds to other small and popular cannabis companies. Plus, the Ministry of Cannabis offers fast shipping services worldwide, and stealth shipping guarantees cover all deliveries.


Fast Worldwide Shipping: One of the key things clients will mention when discussing this brand is their fast shipping services. All products from this brand are packaged and shipped within 48 hours. However, note that this seed bank doesn’t ship on holidays and weekends. Plus, all packages from this brand are protected by stealth shipping guarantees. This means that your package won’t carry the brand’s name or make mention of marijuana or cannabis. However, note that you can also ship your marijuana seeds with the original package if you prefer. All you have to do is email the brand and request the original bags.

Delivery Guaranteed: Products from this cannabis seed bank are also packaged with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the progress of your order. In the event your package doesn’t arrive after 30 days, you can re-ship your order for no additional costs. However, note offer doesn’t apply to third-time purchases.

Secured Website: Another benefit of choosing this seed bank is that they take your security seriously. This company doesn’t display or share your personal information, such as your credit card details, with any third party. Also, you can choose to delete your personal information on this site whenever you want. Plus, your deliveries and payments on this site are 100% secured.

Convenient Payment Methods: The Ministry of Cannabis also tries to ensure that your shopping experience is as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay for your cannabis seeds using cash, international bank transfer, credit card, bitcoin, and RIA payment. However, note that credit cards are charged in euros. Plus, RIA and bank transfer orders must also be completed in euros.

Educational Resources: Ministry of Cannabis is an excellent choice for those who want to learn more about growing cannabis. This brand provides a ton of information for new growers about growing cannabis, the different cannabis strains, their benefits, and THC content.

  • Excellent customer support
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Accepts multiple payment methods
  • Discreet packaging and billing
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping applies only to orders above 75 euros
  • Few discount offers

#5. MSNL Seed Bank Most Potent Weed Seeds Of USA

MSNL was established in 1999 and is one of the oldest seed banks on the market. This company is well-known for its fast-shipping services and the wide variety of cannabis seeds it offers. MSNL offers over 250 varieties of seeds, including feminized, medical, auto-flowering, regular, and high-yield seeds.

Plus, this brand boasts of having over 100,000 satisfied customers and 6000+ reviews. MSNL also ships marijuana seeds worldwide and includes a pack of free seeds with every order. Additionally, all of your packages are sent discreetly, and there is a delivery guarantee policy to ensure you have an enjoyable buying experience.


Reputable Brand: MSNL puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring customers get genuine cannabis seeds. Every cannabis seed you’ll find on this brand has passed through comprehensive research, rigorous testing, and masterful intuition. MSNL uses these measures to ensure they deliver the finest cannabis seeds.

Same-Day Shipping: Another benefit of using this seed bank is its lightning-fast delivery services. MSNL offers same-day shipping services and guaranteed delivery for an enjoyable shopping experience.

100% Satisfaction: This brand guarantees that you’ll receive exactly what you order safely and discreetly. Plus, MSNL guarantees that it’ll resend your package if it isn’t delivered in perfect condition or gets lost in transit.

Reward Program: MSNL also rewards its loyal customers through its reward program. Here, you can earn more money anytime you order your seeds. Plus, the loyalty points have no expiry date, and there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn.

  • 100% discreet
  • Affordable prices
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 15% off bank transfer
  • Finest quality genetics
  • Multiple and secure payment methods
  • Subpar customer support

How We Made This List Of Best Seed Banks That Ship Marijuana Seeds Legally:

Finding reputable seed banks that ship to the US lawfully can be challenging and sometimes unclear. However, with the help of this article, you can locate a trustworthy seed bank in no time. We took time to research several online seed banks and made our list based on certain factors.

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Not only did we choose the best seed banks, but we also ensured they offered good value for money and covered important features. Let’s have a look at the factors we considered when making our list.

What we looked for

  • Brand Reputation: The quality of a company is only as good as its customer reviews. You can trust companies who have been in the market for a long time and have a proven track record of providing quality services.
  • Strain Quality: Another important factor we considered when choosing the best seed banks is strain quality. Strain quality is the primary indicator of a good seed bank. This factor shows how much the company values offering high-quality seeds to their customers. Getting good cannabis seeds helps ensure a high germination rate and bountiful yield. Therefore, only seed banks that offer quality strains made our list.
  • Strain Types: Next, we considered the strain types available on different online seed banks. This factor comes in handy when looking for a specific strain type. Plus, going for brands with different strain options means you won’t be limited to one strain type.
  • Fast and Discreet Shipping: We rounded up our research by considering the shipping services of different online seed banks. The best seed banks are those that provide fast and reliable shipping services and regularly connect with customers.

Since the laws governing the use of cannabis seeds vary from country to country, we only listed seed banks with delivery success rates of higher than 95%. Shipping discretion is another important factor we considered when making our list.

This factor also comes in handy if you want to ship cannabis seeds to a state or country where it isn’t entirely legal. Reputable seed banks take measures to protect your purchases and offer covert shipment. Therefore, only online seed banks that offer discreet shipping made our list.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cannabis Seeds Dispensary:

We’ve provided you with a list of the five best seed banks that sell cannabis seeds online. However, note that there are dozens of other reputable seed banks offering premium marijuana seeds.

Companies like Herbies Seeds, Crop King seeds and Gorilla seed bank are all reputable companies where you can get high-quality cannabis seeds. However, if you aren’t satisfied with our list, we’ve also provided you with tips on how to find the best seed banks. Here are factors to consider when choosing the best seed banks:

? Germination Guarantee

The band’s germination guarantee policy is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a seed bank. Your cannabis farm will fail if your seeds don’t germinate in the first place.

Also, if your cannabis seeds fail to germinate, your entire investment will have been for nothing. To prevent this, most reputable seed banks offer a germination rate guarantee. This guarantee helps ensure that you’ll be able to get a refund or replace the seeds if they don’t germinate.

If you use seed banks without a germination guarantee, you won’t be able to deal with any potential germination problems. Therefore, it’s best to go for brands that offer a germination rate guarantee.

? Payment Methods

If you want a convenient shopping experience, go for brands that support multiple payment methods. Your seed bank should be able to accept payment via bank transfers, credit cards, and of course, bitcoin.

Paying for cannabis seeds using credit cards in countries where cannabis is illegal can be challenging at times. Your bank may block your transaction and place you on their watch list when you try to make a payment. However, you can get past this issue using bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin payment is one of the best and most anonymous ways to buy cannabis seeds online in regions where it is illegal.

? Stealth-Delivery and Shipping Range

Although most cannabis seed banks deliver worldwide, some brands ship to the USA alone. Therefore, ensure you confirm whether the seed bank ships to your region before making purchases.

You’ll have a hard time closing your order if the company doesn’t ship to your region. Besides shipping range, stealth delivery is another important factor to consider when choosing a seed bank.

Stealth delivery allows you to purchase cannabis seeds without any third party knowing the content of your package. This factor also comes in handy in regions where cannabis is considered contraband.

Moreover, packages without identifying markings are more likely to pass through your country’s customs office. Plus, stealth delivery helps you hide your package from the prying eyes of friends and loved ones.

? Customer Service

Another excellent way to distinguish between bad and good brands is by the quality of their customer service. Brands that are only after your money are likely to have very poor customer service.

For example, most fraudulent brands are fond of offering low-quality products, delayed shipping services, and poor packaging. Therefore, It’s best to steer clear of seed banks that offer subpar customer services.

Before buying from a seed bank, ensure you consider their reputation, shipping range, payment method, and stealth delivery services.

? Educative Blog

Whether or not you are a newbie, searching for seed banks that provide an educational blog on their website is also important. The materials on this blog will give you a head start and increase the likelihood that your plants will flourish.

? Customer Service

Customer reviews are the last but not the least factor to consider when choosing a seed bank. Although most people must ignore this option, reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to fish out bad brands.

Through customer reviews, you can easily tell if customers are satisfied with the brand’s services. Take your time to see what customers are saying about the brand. Are there lots of bad reviews? Are customers complaining about delivery services?

Do other customers find it difficult to replace their seeds? Does the brand offer stealth delivery? Note that answering all these questions and more will help you avoid brands with terrible products and services.

FAQs Regarding Seeds Bank:

1. Is buying from marijuana or cannabis banks legal?

The answer to this question is yes and no. The laws governing the use and sales of cannabis vary from state to state. This means that cannabis may or may not be illegal in your region.

Countries like Canada and the Netherlands allow the sale and purchase of cannabis. Plus, the sale and purchase of cannabis seeds are legal in most states in the USA. Therefore, you won’t experience many legal problems when you buy cannabis seeds in these regions.

However, other countries have stricter laws in place that make the purchase of cannabis seeds illegal. It is best to get confirmation from your local law enforcement if you are unsure whether cannabis is legal in your country.

2. What is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds?

There are various ways to germinate marijuana seeds. However, the most popular and effective way to germinate your seeds includes using a germination dome, wet paper towel, or planting them in germination soil.

As a tip, ensure you confirm the germination method required for the specific cannabis strain you are cultivating.

3. What is the best way to store seeds?

Keep your cannabis seeds in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight to prolong their shelf life. You can also store them in an air-tight container to protect them from pests and moisture.

4. Is it safe to buy seeds online?

Buying seeds online is totally safe, as long as you stick to reputable brands. For example, brands that have a proven track record of delivering quality services are less likely to scam you.

Plus, seed banks that offer stealth delivery usually have a higher success rate when it comes to delivery. This is because packages from such companies are less likely to be confiscated or intercepted by your country’s customs office.

For example, most seed banks hide the seeds in objects like DVD cases to prevent suspicion. Also, avoid selecting a delivery option that requires a signature. This tip helps prevent drawing attention to the package.

Lastly, ensure you choose a payment method that can’t be traced back to you. We recommend choosing bitcoin as your payment method because it is encrypted and untraceable.

Concluding – Best Marijuana Seed Banks Of 2022:

You’ll need the best cannabis seeds if you want your farm to grow and produce premium flowers. To get the best cannabis seeds, you’ll need to find reputable brands that offer high-quality products.

Note that there are hundreds of companies offering cannabis seeds on the market. However, most of these seed banks don’t offer premium cannabis seeds. To ensure you don’t fall into the hands of fraudulent brands, we’ve provided you with a list of the five best seed banks on the market.

The brands on our list are all reputable seed banks with a proven track record of offering high-quality seeds. However, if you still want to explore the market, ensure you visit our buying guide to make your search easier.

This guide explains in detail the factors to consider when choosing the best seed banks. These factors include germination guarantee, multiple payment methods, shipping range, and stealth delivery. Ensure you consider these factors before making purchases to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

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