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best cfl bulbs for growing weed

Best cfl bulbs for growing weed

Aside from the finer points of nailing down your supplemental lighting game — distance from the plants, the quality and spectrum of the light, lighting schedules and timers — perhaps the best place to start your journey is with the bulbs themselves. While you can park a plant in a window and let it do its thing, if you want to coax your indoor plants into optimal productivity and yields, supplemental lights are the way to go.

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CFLs were originally developed to replace incandescent bulbs, which are not all that energy efficient. Compared to incandescent bulbs, CFLs last 10 times longer and generate much less heat (which is actually a good thing for indoor cannabis grows). Thanks to LED lights, they’re no longer the most energy-efficient option, but they do require less wattage to deliver the same amount of lumen output as incandescent bulbs.

What is better, LED or CFL bulbs?

To summarize the pros of CFL bulbs, they are:

Best cfl bulbs for growing weed

For the money, we think this is the best CFL light for growing cannabis.

2. Philips T2 Spiral CFL Light Bulb – Best Value

Sunblaster lamps are great for a small growth but lack some of the power of previous entries to the list, however, they do tend to last for a long time. The 6400K spectrum is just a tad off where we like to land for CFL grows, but it does provide a sufficient amount of light needed for a small cannabis plant to grow to its entirety.

3. Hydrofarm Agrobrite CFL System – Premium Choice

To conclude, we think this is the overall best CFL light for growing this year.