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best growing medium for indoor cannabis

Best growing medium for indoor cannabis

When growing cannabis in containers, for example with soil or coco, it’s important to give your plant roots enough room to grow. If they run out of space, it will limit the size of your plant, and often causes nutrient deficiencies and other problems like persistent droopiness. If your roots have circled around the edges of the container, it is rootbound and should be transplanted to a bigger container immediately!

About Less Common Types of Hydro: Some people grow with plant roots suspended in misted air (aeroponics), in an assembly line (NFT), or in a tank with fish (aquaponics), but these are better suited to smaller plants, and not commonly used to grow cannabis.

Even when it comes to soil mixes, you still often see both coco and perlite in the ingredient list, because they help improve the overall properties of the soil.

Check out the rankings above; in this case, the medium with the lowest number ranks the best. If you add it all up, Coco Coir ends up being the winner and it’s clear why. Coco coir isn’t the best at anything, but it’s the second-best at pretty much everything: it grows almost as fast as hydro, it’s easier to use than soil, yields second best to hydro and gets fewer bugs than living soil. Coco coir is kind of a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

Common Cannabis-Friendly Soil Mixes in the US:

Least Chance of Bugs/Pests:

The result is strong-scented buds grown only with natural processes and all you have to do is just add water and let the soil do the magic! The biggest downside to living soil is that plants tend to grow a little slower than with other grow mediums, and some people don’t like the smell of the composted soil, especially in the house.

Another advantage of growing in a soilless mix over soil is that you are less likely to run into problems with overwatering or bugs.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Grow Medium for Growing Cannabis?

We declared coco coir the winner of this little contest, but all the mediums are the best at one thing. Get the best brand of cannabis grow medium to match your preference and grow style.

So what’s REALLY the best medium? Alright, I’ll stop dancing around what you’re really here for. I’ll rank the popular mediums for different aspects, then I’ll tell you which one I think is the best overall…

Best growing medium for indoor cannabis

This ‘just add water’ method often produces outstanding marijuana plants. However, you will likely pay around $100 for 12 gallons of pots. Moreover, you must pay this sum for every crop. Therefore, we recommend that you shop around. You may find that regular potting soil plus extra nutrients are a little cheaper than a super soil mix.

Ultimately, super soil is expensive in terms of up-front costs. However, it could save you a lot of money if you are a regular grower.

Super Soil

Perlite is also made from expanded volcanic rock. However, it is light, airy, and allows for excellent drainage. As a result, people often add perlite to their container grows. In general, growers tend to use a combination of the two, rather than relying on one or the other. A lot of individuals also like to use perlite and coco coir together.

Coco Coir

It doesn’t mean the ‘big name’ soil is better quality than the brand you’ve never heard of. You should find enough ‘regular’ soil to fill 12 gallons worth of pots for less than $35. Better options include enough nutrients for a few weeks. Then, you can pay another $25 to purchase more nutrients. Ultimately, you have paid $50-$60 with some nutrients left over. For your next grow, you only need to buy soil until the existing nutrients run out.

Best growing medium for indoor cannabis

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The Answer: The Most Popular Grow Mediums For Indoor Growing

Most commonly known as Rockwool (a brand name), mineral wool is an extremely popular medium for rooting and growing plants, especially in heavy hydroponic systems. Spun from fibers created by melting various rock types, the “wool” is then pressed into various plugs, squares and slabs for growing plants. Mineral wool will hold a considerable amount of water while also allowing for good air permeation. Mineral wool is sterile and inert with a neutral pH, however, it has poor buffering and is generally regarded as a medium for advanced growers.

Hardened Expanded Clay (HEC)

Long-time reader, first-time grower here! As my wife and I begin our journey in growing, I wanted to get your take on the abundance of indoor grow mediums currently available on the market. As first time growers, we are leaning towards using soil and hand-watering the plants, as I have seen you recommend this approach for beginners several times over the years. However, we are open to doing a hydro system if the medium and system are easy enough to handle. Any advice is much appreciated!