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best led grow lights for marijuana

You can find HID reflector hoods, as well as MH and HPS bulbs at any local grow shop.

Young and mature plants, or vegetative and flowering plants, respectively, like different types of light, and you can buy grow lights that target each spectrum. Commonly, growers using HIDs will use MH bulbs for vegetative plants and HPS bulbs for flowering. Some LEDs are also designed to target different light spectra.

Here are a few different HID grow lights at different price points.

HID lights for growing marijuana

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) are fluorescent lights similar to what you’d find in a school or office building, but smaller. For growing weed, they are usually called “T5s”—the “T” stands for “tubular” and the “5” refers to its diameter, “⅝”.

Another consideration with cost is that some lights run hotter than others—HIDs, for example—so they may require additional fans or an AC unit to cool down a grow space. Extra equipment means more electricity, also driving up your utility bill.

Plant stage

Some grow lights are more expensive than others, but also more efficient, saving money in the long run. Some lights are bulky with many parts, some light in weight, and some are better suited for young or mature plants.

You can find lights for under $100, but they may be low quality and not produce the right spectrum of light, and you can also easily spend as much as $2,000 for a large, state-of-the-art LED.

Best led grow lights for marijuana

Average Yields: 9-14+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields.

Average Yields: 3.5-5+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields.

2.) Traditional Panel

Here is a breakdown of their different models. This list doesn’t include all their models, just the ones that seem to be performing the best. We omitted a few that just don’t seem as good as the others for some reason (as one example, the pro version of the 1200W seems to be getting some bad reviews based on its light footprint, despite the fact that all the other models in the series perform very well).

Actual Power Consumption: 520W

Quantum Board

Price: $850

Best led grow lights for marijuana

One great benefit of LED grow lights is that they create comparatively little heat compared to other types of light.

● You need multiple types of HID grow lights for different stages of growth.

Then again, if you have a grow space of less than five square feet, fluorescent light is enough when your plants are small. You can upgrade to a 250W HPS as the plants get larger. If you have space, an MH light for plants in the vegetative stage and HPS for the blooming phase works well. Using MH lighting throughout is fine but will have fewer flowers, more foliage, and a lower yield.

High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

It isn’t easy to give a reliable estimate since there are several light options, and you need different lighting depending on the stage of growth. In general, you might pay close to $300 for a standard 1000W HID grow light, while a 630W LED light could cost over $1,500.

● You can use them in a small grow space.

The Best Indoor Cannabis Grow Lights: What Types Are There?

● They’re typically the choice of professionals.

This article provides a handy list of some of the best marijuana grow lights for indoor weed currently available on the market. Some of them are cheap; others are a little pricier. Regardless, if you use them correctly, they’ll get the job done.