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best marijuana strains for indoor growing

Best marijuana strains for indoor growing

Large-scale cannabis grower and breeder Robert Bergman learned the importance of choosing the right strain when he started growing cannabis at home 25 years ago. What started as just five little plants grew into I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), a business that helps cannabis connoisseurs become successful cannabis growers. With more than 200 grow guides on every stage of cannabis production, community-driven grow journals, and in-depth profiles on the best cannabis strains, ILGM is an amazing resource for all levels of growers.

Gorilla Glue

Available from ILGM both feminized and autoflower.

Blue Dream

Available from ILGM both feminized and autoflower.

A lot of common, classic strains come in autoflower and feminized varieties.

(Elysse Feigenblatt for Leafly)

Bruce Banner

Feminized seeds are also useful because they ensure every plant is a bud-producing female, which saves space in your indoor grow because you won’t have to grow males and get rid of them.

It’ll hulk out in your garden too—even though it’s short and bushy, it’s a high-yielder. Banner is easy for novice growers but recommended for experienced stoners for its potent potential.

Wedding Crasher

Which strains should you grow?