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best season to grow weed

Even if growing outdoors, a lot of growers will start their seeds inside under an artificial light to help them through this delicate stage of marijuana growth.

Two rounded cotyledon leaves will grow out from the stem as the plant unfolds from the protective casing of the seed. These initial leaves are responsible for taking in sunlight needed for the plant to become healthy and stable.

The Spring Equinox is a good reminder that it’s time to kick off the outdoor growing process and start germinating your seeds.

Seed germination

Cannabis plants are considered seedlings until they begin to develop leaves with the full number of blades on new fan leaves. A healthy seedling should be a vibrant green color.

Flowering stage length: 8-11 weeks

Notes on marijuana growth phases

Be very careful to not overwater the plant in its seedling stage—its roots are so small, it doesn’t need much water to thrive.

There are a number of changes to consider once plants go from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage:

Best season to grow weed

Are you thinking about growing your own cannabis? New to being a plant parent? Wondering when you should plant your cannabis seedlings outdoors?

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This, of course, varies by region. Farmers in California enjoy generally warmer growing seasons and can plant outside earlier while also harvesting later than, say, New York, whose growing season is shorter on both ends. Regardless of where you’re growing, the main goal is to time planting for maximum light during the summer and maximum growth before fall sets in.

Phases of growth and timing for outdoor growers

As far as timing when to sprout your seeds, a general rule of thumb is on or around the Spring Equinox. If you’re not growing from seed but instead buying clones, they’ll already be in the seedling stage when you get them so you don’t have to worry about germination.

Best season to grow weed

Overall, sativas from regions near the equator have the longest flowering time of all. If you try to develop one of these strains too far north or south, they will die long before harvest time. Meanwhile, if you take a strain out of its natural coastal region and grow it in a warmer midlands area, it will probably flower faster.

Yes and no. It depends on whether you are consuming weed that’s grown outdoors or indoors. If it is the former, then yes, you should care about the seasons when you purchase marijuana. The best bud takes time to dry and cure. This means it isn’t always a good idea to buy weed directly after harvest.

Not All Marijuana Strains Mature at the Same Time

One of the hardest parts of growing marijuana for newbies is ascertaining the right moment to harvest. If you collect early, the bud should provide a lighter head high. However, the weed is less potent, and the yield is smaller. If you harvest too late, some of the plant’s THC will degrade into CBN. As a consequence, you receive a heavier body high, and some users report feeling nauseous. Obviously, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that pests and diseases will afflict your crop.

In the modern era, breeders have found various means of growing weed faster than ever before. Even so, first-time growers should be aware of strains such as Colombian Gold, Dr. Grinspoon, San Francisco Valley OG, and Chocolate Thai.

How Harvesting, Drying and Curing Dictates Availability

You can force your plants into the flowering stage by exposing them to 12 hours of continuous darkness per day for a couple of weeks indoors. Outdoor growers must rely on their area’s natural climate to help push their weed into flowering.