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best soil at lowes for growing weed

I urge you to do a google of "Hempy Bucket" and read for yourself!
Basically, you get a BIG bag of perlite, which is cheap and a smaller bag of vermiculite, which is also cheap. rinse hell out of the perlite, because it is dusty. then get a container—can be a 3 gal bicket, or a plastic one gal tea pitcher like I use, from Walmart! You drill a half inch hole two inches above the bottom for a "resevoir". Mix three parts perlit with one part verm. Fill your container and poke in your clone or seedling.
Water daily for a week or two until the root has had time to grow enough to reach the 2" res at the bottom. Then. begin watering with nutes. You will be amazed—CHEAP, plus you can re-use the perlite/verm, grow after grow. Just soak in a weak bleach solution, theh rinse the hell out of it and let it dry to evaporate off any bleach that might be left.

Different strains will react differently depending on the brand of soil.
For instance, Blueberry (indica) is a strain that does not require alot of nutrients, so nuteburn will be easier than a 100% sativa, like durban poison.
Therefore, someone who grew a sativa with miracle grow, may have success, while Blueberry will not.

What I’d like to do is make my own soil mix, in bulk, from components I can get cheap locally.

What I’d like to do is make my own soil mix, in bulk, from components I can get cheap locally.

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spend the money, it will be worth it

However, when I got to Lowes or HD there are a bunch of different options and I’m not sure what would be best. A lot of them are ‘pre-fertilized’ claiming their soil mix will feed for months.

I’m pretty sure I should stay away from the ‘pre-fertilized’ mixes since I’m going to be adding my own nutrients. The same with the mixes that already have perlite added.


Hey guys, I can’t afford to do my entire grow with the expensive soil mixes like from Fox Farms, etc.

That was a long time ago though. Now I am a big supporter of Fox Farm. I know its expensive, but trust me, its worth it. Check the link in my sig for the journal. I grow in Fox Farm Oceans Forrest and I couldnt be happier.

Best soil at lowes for growing weed

If you are under LED lights get cal mag.

hey @Bayter and to afn! um, first pointer -> NEVER use miracle-gro! it’z made by one of the most evil corporationz on earth & will bring ur girlz NO joy! (and ya, despite the prev sentence, i really am "seemingly friendly" folk )

Let me start by saying that I have looked around a numerous different sites and this one is by far the best I have found. It has the best content and seemingly friendliest folks.

A wing and a prayer.

The plant with the leaves folding up makes me think it got misted with some kind of weed killer before I got it. But I’m not exactly sure what has happened to it. It’s been like that since I’ve had it. The plant has doubled in size, but has obvious hurdles to overcome if I’m gonna keep him around.

With that said I am a budding entrepreneur and was given 6 plants from a friend. They were about 6 inches tall and he said they wouldn’t make it. Challenge accepted!

The only thing I did for the first week was water them. From that alone they perked right up.

Grow it gargantuan!

At the start of the second week I transplanted them in bigger pots. I used Miracle Grow Performance Organics potting soil. Then I mixed up a very small amount of miracle grow all purpose plant food and put about a 1/4 cup at the base of each plant. I water the plants every 2-3 days.

Don’t overwater. Most beginners do. Lift a dry pot of soil and lift your weeds pot, compare weight, you will know by that when they need water.

Best soil at lowes for growing weed

Black magic cannabis soil. Its great very forgiving with nutrients.. Check out a few of my grow post for a visual..

Pro mix , organic living notill, big rootz, roots organic

Everything is currently shutdown where I’m at. Looking for soil for my first grow that isn’t too pricey, and suggestions?

Pro mix is easy to deal with and cheap

Last 2 years I picked up Kelloggs Premium Potting Soil in the yellow with blue stripe bag at HD. I add 20-25% perlite, also at HD and worm castings. also at HD. All good stuff, all very reasonably priced.