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best tools for growing weed

Best tools for growing weed

Pot on Pot helps reduce the stress level of the root system of marijuana plants with the best guarantees. Forget about having to handle the substrate with the danger that this entails for your plant, these pots are the solution…

2. Gloves:

Preserving our final product, for personal use or commercialization, requires a harmless, less changing and much safer environment. Glass jars work very well as a final refuge for our weed. Vacuum packing is now super easy and also keeps the properties intact for a long time.

9. Labels:

Cleaning and maintenance

Best tools for growing weed

For more information on using magnifiers and microscopes to look at trichomes like in the picture above, make sure to check out our article: How to Look at Trichomes with a Microscope

However, it’s very important to note that industrial syringes aren’t needles – they’re called “blunt tip” syringes because they’re not sharp. They’re about the same level of danger as a pointy butter knife.

Plant twist tie is great for training young cannabis plants and it’s equally great at training new growth on growing plants. Twist ties can also damage stems that grow too big if they’re twisted on too tight. Make sure to not secure twist ties by twisting them around and around a branch. Gently wrapping the twist tie is a better method because it will pop off before it ever starts “choking” stems.

Digital Magnifier

What to attach the twist ties to?

Rope ratchets are a must-have for any grow setup and have superior performance/ease of use compared to the all-too-common metal chain or plain rope.

If your exhaust fan stays in one place (it should) and your grow light moves, you will need to leave slack in your ducting to accommodate for the distance as your light and fan move away from each other. Although managing that slack can typically be a pain, two chip clips will solve the problem within a few seconds. Additionally, most bag clips/chip clips have rubber where they grab on to the material. This rubber is better for ducting since it doesn’t tear the material but still keeps a good grip.

Industrial Blunt-tip Syringe (Printer Refill Syringe)

Maximize yields by growing wide and flat plants like this!

If you’re using fabric pots, a simple and easy solution is simply to use pointy scissors to poke a hole and thread through that. I use Fiskars scissors since I use them for trimming and I have a pair lying around, but anything sharp and pointy should work.